Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer Reviews

Read reviews of Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer, a revolutionary product that works for air frying, roasting, baking and more.

Want to buy an air fryer in Canada? Do you like name-brand, family-sized air fryers? Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer is a branded and heavy duty air fryer used and loved by thousands of customers. Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer supports free shipping and is only available in California.

Before purchasing, would you like to review product features, performance and feedback? Then we suggest you read the Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer reviews below.


Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer is a hot product coming in the market. It offers a wide selection of temperatures between 105 ° C and 400 ° C, which is considered sufficient for air frying bacon.

The Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer includes a fan that adjusts its speed based on temperature. This helps distribute the heat more evenly and results in crispy fried foods with a golden color, which is considered ideal for French fries.

The combination of temperature and fan speed makes the Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer perfect for healthy oil-free cooking and dehydrating food.

The Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer Review found that it is cooked with 75% less fat. It comes in a large, non-sticky, ceramic-coated two-pound basket.

How to use it?

  • Turn on the Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer
  • Place non-oily foods in a fryer basket
  • Choose the right temperature for cooking
  • Set timer
  • Choose how to bake, roast, heat, air fry and dehydrate.
  • Press the start button
  • Regularly check the speed at which the food is being fried by removing the basket and stirring for best results.

Details as mentioned in the Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer review:

  1. Product Name: Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer
  2. Model: AF101C
  3. Price: 179.99
  4. Buy at:
  5. Dishwasher safe: Yes
  6. Cord length: 0.79 m
  7. Manual program: 4
  8. Product Dimensions: 34.54 L x 27.94 W x 33.78 H cm. In
  9. BPA Free: Yes
  10. Motivation Guide: Yes
  11. Voltage: 120 volts
  12. Color: black / gray
  13. Power: 1550 watts
  14. Amperes: 12.9 Amps
  15. 1 year warranty
  16. Weight: 10.58 lbs


  • 1550 watt air fryer
  • 1x crispy pan
  • 1x 3.8 inch ceramic coated non-stick basket
  • 1x book of 20 recipes
  • Multi-layer rack


  1. You can use a teaspoon of oil according to your taste and the need of the recipe.
  2. This allows you to increase the timer from five minutes to an hour.
  3. Reviews of the Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer are credited with multilevel attachments that remove excess oil and are used for precise air frying.


Ninja cyclonic air fryers do not have many disadvantages, except that the food may smell strange and some foods may lose their nutritional value.

Is it effective and valuable?

Let’s review Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer and its brand for money.

About the brand:

  • The SharkNinja Company has the Shark and Ninja brands.
  • SharkNinja produces over 150 kitchen and hygiene products
  • SharkNinja is present in ten countries, with hundreds of stores considered in Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer reviews.
  • was launched on 5 January 2010 to achieve long attendance and 86% trust score by 5 January 2023.
  • inninjakitchencanada is present on Facebook and Instagram with over 96,267 followers

About the product:

  • The Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer is available for sale at various shopping sites.
  • The Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer is praised for its air frying efficiency.
  • Thousands of customers had received delivery of Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer
  • The Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer is used as an indoor grill as it is used for roasting.
  • The AF101C air fryer is considered to be Ninja’s second best air fryer

Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer Customer Reviews:

Five YouTube reviews and thirty website reviews of Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer indicate that it is potentially legal. Eight Facebook critics rated the Ninja Cyclonic Air Fryer 3/5 stars.

Over 6,000 customer reviews on shopping sites rated it 4.6 / 5 stars, 169 product reviews on ninjakitchen.ka all positive and rated it 4.4 / 5 stars.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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