Tower Heroes April Fools

Scroll down to the following article for an updated Tower Heroes April Fool’s Day list and the reason behind it.

Have you ever been greeted by Roblocks for Tower Heroes? Are you interested in knowing that? Have you ever visited Roblox to learn more about your favorite Roblox character? So this article will introduce you to the new heroes of Roblox.

If you are here to get the code, this article will help you in this situation. Citizens of the United States are excited to see this tower hero, recently launched by Roblox.

This article will begin with an introduction to the Tower Heroes April Fools.

Codelist for tower heroes

Please see below for the April code list-

  • Team-up – To collect team-up stickers.
  • Repeat – to retrieve characters as well as stickers.
  • Spectacular – to collect bat-boy-skin and smiley stickers.
  • EMPETS- To recover spider stickers.
  • PVP Update – To get the modifier back.
  • To recover skin and stickers without ODDPORT.
  • THSTTICKERS-If a player wants to collect free stickers, he can use this code.
  • To get free skin of HEROESXBOX-X version.

Tower Heroes Wiki

  • This April Fool upgrade is limited and will expire on April 10, 2022.
  • Recent updates have provided a map that can help players survive.
  • There are many prizes and the most rewarding prizes here are skin related prizes.
  • In this modified version, players will find many new types of enemies.
  • The most exciting part of this upgrade is that games like this version can play forever, but the condition is to complete the entire map.

Updated version details

In this version, the player can educate himself to discover all the tower hero codes in the game, each event, the newly added map and more. This is a defensive tower game provided by Roblox and developed by Pixel Bit’s Studio.

The capacity of each different tower is different. For example, many lathes come with digging and tracing capabilities. Events like 2020 Easter, Robot-64, Halloween, 2020 Christmas Champion Metavers etc. exist.

Scroll down for details of the rare code for Tower Heroes.

Who are the rare April Fools in Tower Heroes?

Rare is called Hess and can be found in the Halloween section. He is a very special tower hero. The tower is shaped like a skycrow, which catches crows and attacks enemies.

The job of these crows is to search for enemies around the map of the game platform. The level of attack depends on the life of the crow. These crows attack the enemy to the last breath.


Analyzing today’s topic, we found that this upgrade in the form of Tower Heroes April Fools is amazing. Players can retrieve codes quickly and easily by pressing the code button. To reap the rewards, press the Redeem Code button.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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