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The Super Bowl 56 halftime show was a star-studded event in which Dr. Dray, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Many famous musicians were involved, including Blige and Kendrick Lamar.

Some other special guests also made some appearances, such as 50 cents. 50 cents came out and did it back, calling back their classic in the club music video. Anderson. Pak also made a brief appearance on the drums and later acted with Eminem.

Halftime show somewhat hip hop icon Dr. Was centered on Dre. Four other artists have collaborated with Dresbo, including three artists on Drey’s “2001” album.

Below is a live response to the halftime show Sporting News, along with other post-performance social media reactions.

About Super Bowl Halftime Show 2022

Dr. Dre has reached a milestone in his nearly four-decade musical career, but geographically at least, his Super Bowl halftime show came very close to home. Sophie Stadium, which hosts the biggest game in American football on Sunday, February 13, is in Inglewood, just two minutes from Compton. Or four hours, if you sit in the Super Bowl Sunday traffic.

The homecoming nature of this year’s show was exemplified by the elaborate stage structure, which Dray himself funded for 7m (2 5.2m). Many may have painted Compton’s mark in white, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and local favorite Thames Burger Joint, which stand outside Compton City Hall. On the ground below, Compton’s map shone beneath the dancers and performers.

The show begins by sitting behind a huge white mixing desk as it emerges from the roof of Dray Compton’s home. He was featured in the 1995 Tupac single, produced and presented by Dray before arguing in the snippet of “California Love” for an enthusiastic, crowd-pleasing presentation of Snoop Dogg’s 2000 single “The Next Episode”.

We need to know more about Kendrick Lamar ASAP

I will be honest. I’ve already had a surprisingly good time watching Super Bowl performances. But then Kendrick Lamar (who thought he was a dope) started rapping his bar on “MAAAD”. City, “I can say, I have goosebumps all over my body. Now and the last time we saw K-Dot on such a big stage, we waited a long time. We knew it was lonely, but then we waited for the next drop. , This concert excites me even more.

Mary J. Blige hit him!

When all is said and done, Mary J. Blige (wearing great boots) was one of the best parts of the Super Bowl halftime show. She was there, giving her heart and soul to the music, in fact, she threw herself and she fell to the ground to finish her time on stage.


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