Space Club Disposable

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Space Club Disposable

What is Space Club Disposable?

Space Club Disposable are pre-filled disposable vape pens that contain a mixture of hemp-derived cannabinoids, including Delta 9 THC, Delta 11 THC, THCA, and THC-P. They hold 3 ounces and are available in some great fruit flavors like Cherry Mojito, Purple Zequitlas, Strawberry Slushie, Sherberry Zaza, Guava Blast, and Watermelon Zor Candy.

  • Powerful Cannabinoid Blend: A combination of Delta 9 THC, Delta 11 THC, THCA, and THC-P totaling 3,000 mg for potentially intense effects.
  • Preheated and disposable: No need to fiddle with settings or worry about charging. Use empty and delete if empty.
  • Flavor Variety: Choose from a variety of fruit flavors to suit your preferences.
  • Compact and Portable: Fits discreetly in your pocket or bag for use anywhere.

Space Club Disposable

Overviews Space Club Disposable

Space Club Disposable is a cannabis concentrate obtained from the young flowers of the cannabis plant. The plant is harvested at the peak of the season and then frozen to ensure maximum preservation of the trichomes, also known as plant essence. Space Club Vape is pre-charged and packaged with e-cigarette juice.

These starter e-cigarettes are great for beginners because of their simple design and use like smoking. Space Club Disposable Vaporizers are highly sought after and come in a variety of styles and flavors, such as full flavor and box mods for bigger clouds. Space Club Disposable


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