South Wide AFC Receivers

This article discusses information about South Wide AFC receivers, the best dugouts in the South Division and the division.

Want to know who is the best receiver in the National Football League Southern Conference? Then this article is made for you.

The new season of the National Football League in the United States will begin in a few days. People discuss which player is the best in each position. The AFC South season was a huge success. He had a strong performance before the season. They also have the best wide receivers in the league, who can get signatures from 800 yards. AFC South has improved this season.

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AFC South Division

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a big season last year. They had slipped to the bottom of the rankings last season. But, as a result, they went on an agent-free campaign and now everything is fine and this season they are a prestigious team. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ return to the AFC South Division.

The Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts, the top two teams in the division, both improved in the offseason. The Houston Texans, on the other hand, have a great season as a midfielder.

AFC South Division: South AFC Heaven

  • Tennessee Titans

The Titans are the most sought after in the South. A.J. Brown, Corey Davis and Adam Humphries are the only South AFC receivers with more than 800 yards. The Houston Texans have two wide receivers, while the Jaguar and Colette have only one.

  • Houston Texans

Last season, Will Fuller and Brandin Cox were first and fourth in the league by throwing balls. With 828 yards for the Happy Cowboys last season, Randall Cobb’s season was a resounding success. KK Couty and Kenny Steels, coming off the bench, give the team momentum.

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  • Jacksonville Jaguar

DJ Chark is 6’4, 200 pounds and has a 4.34 gear rating. He has the speed to spread the field and the length to succeed in difficult situations. Laviska Sheno is not yet a complete receiver, but he is a force to be reckoned with when he has the ball in his hand. If Jaguar could use it as a weapon, it could have a great rookie season.

  • Indianapolis Colts

In the Colts’ 2019 big receiver class, Paris Campbell and Michael Pitman Jr. both failed as thugs. South Wide AFC shelters are not a bad set of shelters in general. But there are a lot of unanswered questions to believe in as a team. T.Y. At Hilton, the Colts have probably the most sought after and true receiver in the AFC South, but it will probably be down.


The Titans and Colts are still in a two-way battle in the South AFC, but Jacksonville is aware of its presence. It is certain that Indianapolis will not be the third year in a row. Learn more about AFC South.


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