Pixel Demon Pet Sim X

This research on Pixel Demon Pet Sim X will help players to combine the most powerful pets in Pet Simulator X.

Players play different simulators in Roblox but the position of the stomach simulator is different from all other simulators. Pet Simulator X is the most played roblox simulator in the world. And most surprisingly, people want to know more about the Pixel Monster Pet Sim X. Please don’t confuse stomach simulator and pixel monster.

Here we will describe everything about this simulator. You will also learn how to get these pixel monsters.

Why is Pixel Demon Most Wanted?

The Pixel Monster is one of the oldest legendary pets in Pet Simulator X. This is the newest rare pet in this simulator. People have been looking for it since launch and they don’t know how to get these pets anytime soon. So here you will find detailed information on how to get these new pets in the simulator family.

How to get Pixel Demon Pet SIM X?

You’re lucky if you manage to unlock this creature with reasonable effort. However, if you haven’t unlocked these pets yet, here are some tips on how to unlock these eggs.

  • You can get pixel monsters by hatching rainbow pixels.
  • This rainbow pixel egg is located in Pixel World.
  • If you want to buy eggs, you need to unlock the Pixel Alps, the standard version of which is about 9.25 million rainbow coins. At the same time, its gold version is worth about 79.1 million coins.
  • Once you collect all the rainbow coins in the simulator, you will be able to unlock these eggs. And you get Pixel Demon Pet Sim X.

Features of Pixel Monster

The various features of Pixel Monster should be considered before buying coins. Some of them are listed below:

  • When potential boosts are activated, the base hatch rate is 6.66% and 0.01%.
  • Going to Dark Matter, it could go up to 198.7 trillion. This is why this simulator is the strongest character in the family.
  • In Dark Matter, the Pixel Demon is worth 2,500,000,000 diamonds.
  • He took the crown of the strongest pet from Hellish Axolotl, making him the second strongest pet after the Pixel Demon Pet Sim X.

Other pets in Pet Simulator X.

Many other animals are listed in the stomach simulator X. They are mentioned below:

  1. Huge pony
  2. Giant cat
  3. Huge cupcakes
  4. Huge storm pain
  5. Monster Pixel Cat
  6. Monster Pixel Cat


We conclude that the Pixel Monster in Pet Simulator X is the strongest pet. You will learn how to get these pets and how much they cost. In addition, we’ve shared information about other pets available in this simulator.


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