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The Storyline of Millionaire Son in Law Novel Chapter 3100

Ziff heard this and knew that the other side was keeping a distance from him on purpose, but he was not angry.

Instead he laughed and said, “Tasha, you don’t know that the bus manager who arranged for you suddenly fell ill this morning and went to the hospital’s emergency room.

Management could not immediately find an option so I hurried to stop you waiting at the airport.

After all, you need not only crowds, but also gear with more luggage, the need for taxis will also be endless. “”

When Tasha heard this, he guessed whether it was true or false, he could not deny Zefai because they had relatively little time.

So you have to go to the hotel for check up, unload your luggage and keep the schedule straight.

You will need to take all kinds of equipment to the place. Failure to take vehicles arranged by Zifai can result in a delay of two or three hours.

So he had no choice but to say thank you: “Mr. Thank you very much …”

Zephyr said quickly: “What do you do for me so humbly?”

After speaking he ran outside and took Tasha’s suitcase and said, “The caravan is just outside the door, let’s hurry.”

“OK.” Tasha said yes and quickly told the surrounding staff: “Everyone quickly picks up luggage and then drives to the hotel by car. Time is short, everyone is moving fast.”

The group quickly sorted their belongings and headed for the exit with Tasha, led by Ziffy.

There were more than a dozen Black Rolls Royce cars and two delivery vans in front of the company’s jet building at the time.

Now you will see that more than a dozen Rolls-Royces take off one plane after another. There is little uncontrolled happiness.

When Zifei put Tasha’s luggage in the trunk of the main car, he told everyone, “Find a car nearby and go inside. We have a lot of cars and huge ones. A car can accommodate two or three people.”

“Some of the things that have to be transported to the hotel make it difficult for anyone to carry themselves. As long as the equipment needs to be sent to the place, it stays here.

I arranged two trucks and professional transport staff behind me. This will help send the device straight to the spot to avoid even minor problems! “

Most of the team Tasha brought with her were girls and she immediately benefited greatly from Zifffe’s thoughtful and careful arrangement.

So the young women cheered and after thanking Zifi, they got into a nearby car.

Zifi puts it inside the suitcase and says to Tasha: “Tasha, you can take this car with you. Just, I have something to talk to you on the way.”

“OK.” He nodded and was about to open the car door. Zifei hurried forward, opened the door in front of him and said with a smile: “Come on, please get in the car.”

Tasha thanked him and sat in the car.

Storyline of Millionaire Son in Law Novel Chapter 3101

Shortly afterwards, Zefai jumped into the car from the other side and the convoy flew out of the airport.

Xiu arrived from the airport until the convoy arrived.

As many Rolls Royce flew back and forth, her eyebrows grew and she inexperiencedly bored.

This time in the lead car of the Rolls Royce team.

Zifei sat next to Tasha and said with a smile, “Tasha, in the meantime I have done a lot of commercials in Ors Hill.

I started scrolling the posters of the Miss Guna concert for 24 hours. We will enter the city shortly. Along the way, you may see at least twenty or thirty ads. “

Tasha asked in surprise: “Mr. Sue, Sara’s party tickets have been sold out for a long time. You still do a lot of outdoor promotions.

Zephyr said with a straight face to Hussein, “This is a trend! Although the concert’s carrying capacity has reached the upper limit, it is still 30,000 to 50,000 people.

The standing position of Ors Hill is about 1 crore. If we can save the survivors too, and Mrs. Gunny’s popularity will also improve significantly, won’t it?

Tasha said inadvertently with a smile, “Sir, to be honest, you can see from the top rankings of the big websites and search engine indexes that the good influence is currently the biggest among the local ones.

Since there is nothing, our thinking professional thinking has not focused on setting impulses for a long time. With that, Latu, we’ve always consciously made the move and avoided it … “

“Why?” Ziffy asked in surprise: “Now the stars are competing everywhere

a meant. She feels that excessively creating momentum is wasteful on the one hand, and encroaching on public resources on the other. ”

After speaking, she said again: “Sara feels that the exposure of the entertainment industry is limited after all.

It is nothing more than a long-term loss. If she gathers too much traffic alone, the traffic of other people in the entertainment industry will continuously dilute, which is unfair to others. “

Zhifei heard the drums in his heart, and asked in a low voice: “Tasha, I got get these advertising spaces. Looking back, Miss Gu will see it. Wouldn’t she be upset? ”

Tasha smirked: “I can’t say this well.”

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