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Do you follow the National Football League? Then you probably know the quarterback of John Matthew Stafford, “Los Angeles Rams”.

John is one of the famous “NFL” players. In the United States, Matthew’s fans are huge.

But what do you know without Matthew’s ability to play? Want to know some interesting facts about John Stafford?

Our research and information on Matthew Vicky Stafford will give you a clear idea.

What do you know about Matthew

Full name John Matthew Stafford. Jean was born on February 7, 1988. John played as a college football player from Georgia as a player.

But Mathews got his first break in 2009 when he was picked up by another NFL team, the Detroit Lions. John made it to the top 20 list as a quarterback in just a few years.

According to our research, Matthew’s main strengths are touchdown passes, yard passes, and run completion.

But in March 2021, Stafford joined the “Los Angeles Rams” team with a new commercial contract.

What do you know about Matthew Stafford’s net worth?

Following Stafford’s new deal with the Rams, speculation about his contract and net worth are growing.

According to our investigation, Matthew’s current team is not just paying salaries. The team offers other financial benefits such as capital drafts etc.

Our current source reveals the details of Mathews’ deal with the Los Angeles Rams. The following contact details can help you understand Stafford’s Net Worth.

  • Contract years – 5 years.
  • The value of the player’s contract – 13 135 million.
  • Guaranteed amount on signature – 60.5 million USD.
  • Guaranteed amount – 92 million USD.
  • Signing bonus amount – 50 million USD.
  • Annual salary – 27 million USD.

What do you know about Matthew Vicky Stafford?

According to our “Wikipedia” search, there is a lot of information available about John Mathews. Our research also shows the financial participation of players.

At the time of signing with the Lions, Stafford had been offered a 92 million guarantee by the current team. This amount is the 10th highest in American football history.

In addition, Matthews earns about $ 27 million a year. This is the 13th highest annual salary in NFL history.

Experts also say that if John wants to extend his contract with Rams in the next few years, the deal will grow financially.

The discussion will indicate Matthew Stafford’s net worth.


According to our survey, Stafford earned about $ 239 million as a player. This is one of the biggest earnings of an “NFL” player.

On average, Matthew earned $ 53 million in contract securities and $ 12 million in annual salary. The amount is huge. So the news of John’s contract is in the media.


Our research shows that Stafford’s next contract will cost him significantly more than the current contract.

According to Matthew Vicky Stafford, the financial situation depends on the length of the contract. This could be more than Matthew’s current contract amount.


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