JM Search Scam: Who Is Elvira? Check Details About Whatsapp & Reviews!
JM Search Scam

JM Search Scam


JM Search Scam in Philadelphia is a scam. In my opinion, Alba Lopez and Abby Phillips should be fired from the company. They are deceptive and make substitute candidates.

When they’ve decided on a candidate, they’ll send you to interview executives at the company they’re recruiting for. Interviewing and presenting candidates is a mistake.

If you don’t understand their tactics, you will get stuck and end up with interviews that go nowhere. Alba Lopez is the leader of the scam and Abby Phillips is her accomplice. This agency is not reliable.


JM Search Scam Overview

JM Search Scam is a US-based executive search firm founded in 1980 by John Marshall in New York City. The company focuses on connecting private equity firms and Fortune 500 companies with executive and leadership teams.

According to the JM Search Scam website, they take a “centralized” approach, limiting the number of concurrent searches per recruit. It is believed that this allows them to pay more attention to each customer.

The company also claims to have the most executives in its network. Additionally, they report that the retention rate for their channels is over 95%. At first glance, JM Search Scam meets the criteria of a reputable recruitment company. But a look beneath the shiny surface reveals some worrying cracks. JM Search Scam

This led to the dot-com boom… and then the bust

Faced with the rapid growth of startups in Silicon Valley, Marshall JM Search Scam refocused its efforts to find technology executives and relocated the struggling company to California.

The dot-com boom that began in San Francisco and the Bay Area provided fertile recruiting opportunities. And JM Search Scam has seen a steady increase in employee leadership positions at emerging Internet companies. He also ventured into the private equity sector, taking leadership roles in VC-backed startups.

These exciting, fast-moving companies fit well with JM Search Scam’s “instant placement” pitch. However, when the dot-com bubble violently burst in 2001, JM Search Scam suffered huge losses, losing 70% of its technology clients overnight. Once again the company faced financial difficulties… and John Marshall was forced to make drastic changes. JM Search Scam

Questionable recovery in staffing solutions

After the dot-com crash wiped out most of its technology revenue streams, JM Search Scam was in dire need of a new revenue stream. Having difficulties with traditional recruiting, Marshall turned to the company to hire casual temps who had nothing to do with their recruiting.

This employment solutions division selects less qualified candidates for temporary or seasonal corporate positions. Also Read: Digiprint Inc Ltd Scam or Legit? Attention!! According to former recruiters, positions were underfilled or expectations for pay and responsibilities were grossly misrepresented. He described the bait-and-switch tactics of fake job ads that were used to collect applicants’ personal information and then sell it to shady third parties.

The move followed Marshall’s increasing absence from operations after Princeton friend David Eby took over the day-to-day helm as president and COO in 2002. Under AB’s watch, litigation and compliance issues began to mount. But Abi largely avoided the consequences, shielding Marshall from growing controversy.

During this phase, JM Search Scam also leveraged overseas recruitment networks in India and Malaysia to further reduce costs. However, in 2005 a settlement of legal fees and employee plans forced another settlement. JM Search Scam survived bankruptcy, but it was a shadow of its former self. David Eby resigned, minority ownership remained, and Marshall immediately sought an ethical path forward. JM was running out of options during the search.

Covering malpractice through private equity partnerships

Marshall was struggling as a small agency in 2008 and was still looking for a way to revive its shaky reputation while turning a profit. He decided to focus exclusively on executive recruiting, working with private equity and venture capital firms. The industry has avoided initial volatility by pledging higher dollar retention rates.

JM Search Scam can also hide behind famous client names like Blackstone, KKR, and Bain Capital. Marshall hired a small team of certified MBAs to present a polished look. He has built relationships between the PE and VC communities through specialized networking events and conferences.

Traders facing portfolio management openings saw JM Search Scam as a valuable research partner. Working with major financial sponsors helped bury JM Search Scam’s checkered history of claims and compliance violations. In addition, the foreign candidate network has been expanded to ensure that the candidate pool remains full of potential recruits.

But despite the changes, former employees insist the company still engaged in fraudulent activities, such as embellishing candidates’ careers and falsifying employee relations.

They continue to exploit less qualified candidates through their dubious recruitment partnerships. The past and present behavior of this reviewer warrants further examination of the validity of JM findings. Because there are strong similarities with other proven career planning companies…

JM Search Scam Reviews: Decision

Recruitment agencies hold a position of power and trust in the workplace. Ethical people can positively impact lives through meaningful job placement. Unfortunately, a thorough review of reviews and leadership shows that JM Search Scam does not meet this standard:

Reviews – Highly polarized reviews + mostly negative reviews claim total fraud

Executives – The history of senior executives is full of controversies

Strategy – Many candidates succumb to temptation and change strategies While I would definitely not call JM Search Scam a scam, their behavior patterns make them more of a scam than a legitimate company.

Best of all, this is a reliable company to avoid. At worst, they actively mislead and exploit job seekers. In any case, I strongly recommend that you exercise extreme caution before joining JM Search for Recruitment Services. In any case, an abundance of warning signs convinced me to permanently withdraw any potential involvement. I hope this research overview helps you make a more informed decision! Leave your experiences with JM Search in the comments below to advise others.


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