Hyperverse Is Real Or Fake

In this Article, “Hyperverse Is Real Or Fake – Everything You Need to Know About Hyperverse H5″, you will learn about the Hyperverse scam.

h5 Hyperverse used to be known as Hyperfund, many people confirmed that Hyperfund is a ponzi scheme that started scamming and cheating people and they shut it down soon, have a look.

He changed his name to Hyperverse, the rebranding took place on December 5, 2021 and he was extremely excited to relaunch a successful platform.

However, Hyperfunds CEO Ryan, Sam and Steven went to Dubai where they were nowhere to be seen and caused massive backlash and threats from community members to Hyperfunds for what the CEO did.

After this incident, many people started flooding the internet to find real or fake Hyperverse reviews, and many major financial authorities, including the SEC, considered Hyperverse to be a scam.

About hyperverse investing

Hyperverse Investments is a new crypto ecosystem that aims to create a diffy financial infrastructure for users who prefer digital currencies, and the project appears to be based on the Metaverse, an attempt at time travel.

By 2078, the team says, humans had mastered interstellar travel technology. Following the first human settlement in the “hyperuniverse” established by the first group of human explorers in the Proxima Centauri star system, humanity has officially entered the age of interstellar migration.

Meanwhile, Hyperverse is working on a multi-level marketing (MLM) model that claims to offer passive interest opportunities and recruits affiliate investors in New Zealand.

Hyperverse is not registered or licensed to provide financial services/products in New Zealand.

He claims to focus more on a virtual meta-universe of millions of planets.

Hyperverse investment planning

As the name suggests, Hyperverse has a lot of hype, they still expect many people to sign up for the platform and their promised return on investment (ROI) seems unrealistic, hence 300% ROI in 600 days and subscription plans are as follows. ; 300, 500, 1000, 3000HU.

Now that they are short of funds, they have decided to increase their return on investment and they have increased subscriptions to plans which include; 400% ROI, 400, 800, 1200 or 3600 HU and HU equals $1 with token value.

Their management promises their investors great returns on the membership plans they choose, and they have a referral program where investors can invite friends and earn around 20% commission no matter how many investments they recommend.

Hyperverse Is Real Or Fake

With Hyperverse flagged as a scam business company intent on defrauding its investors at the time, it would not take more than 1 year for the platform to crash like an airplane.

Since their revenue comes mostly from new members, they continue to receive money from each investor when they start getting fewer members or signing up for their platform.

Late entrants lose and early entrants gain from the platform, the longer users stay on the platform, the more they earn in daily commissions and rewards.

Meanwhile, many investors are brainwashed by testimonials and warnings from forums, unaware that their main goal is to steal investors’ money.

Why is the hyperverse a scam?

  • You will receive no post-investment withdrawals, except daily rewards, until the maturity date of your investment.
  • He claims that what exists is blockchain technology and that he is developing it, and he promises that it will be this year.
  • He recently announced that he has joined the company Zenaro Network, the first smart data ecosystem with dual-tier architecture that integrates public blockchain with decentralized storage, this leading company for four or five years It has not updated its website. For years, it seemed like a gimmick to convince more people to invest in their platform.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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