How to Get Hippomelon Pet Sim X

Have you used How to Get Hippomelan Pet Sim X Mechanic? If you are looking for it, stay tuned to this article for the latest pet updates.

Do you follow the pet simulator series? Then you need to be aware of its latest details. Therefore, we have specified the premium pets of the game in this article.

Many gamers in the Philippines, Canada, UK and USA love Pet Simulator and are currently in love with it. In addition, the game has sibling chapters containing many valuable items. So, in this article, we are going to show you in detail how to get Hippomelan Pet Sim X. So keep studying the article religiously to get honest details.

What is Hippomelon?

This is a unique premium pet from Pet Simulator X, which was added to the game due to the April Fool’s Day celebration. As a result, the items included in the game on this year’s April Fool’s Update. In the update, players are asked to complete tasks to get the desired pet, but they are available for a specified period of time.

How to get a pet?

We’ve already told you that you need to complete tasks to catch a hippocampus. However, while researching Hippomelan Pet Sim X Value, we found steps to claim it, so please follow it religiously.

Post the “April Fools” comment in the chat section

We noticed that initially the players had to launch the game and type the phrase.

Give five pets to others

Then distribute your five pets to friends or random individuals. But, make sure you don’t ask another player for an item back.

Mix the three festive elves

The festive elf is another pet for which you have to merge all three. After completing the tasks described above, you will get a pet.

What is the value of Hippomelan Pet Sim X?

Our research shows that this item is worth about 3,000,000,000 diamonds. So now on the way we are going to guide you how to get that item quickly. So, please see the full article to keep the information informative.

Highlights from the article

Below we list the unique features of Hippomelan, so please refer to them.

  • Hippomelon should be induced by the watermelon component associated with the stomach simulator 1.
  • The object looks like a crocodile.
  • How to Get Hippomelan Pet Sim X Process threads indicate that messages from multiple players have been collected on the game’s Discord server to retrieve pets.
  • It is the most expensive pet that users can get without money.

Gaming performance

Pet Simulator X, commonly known as PSX, is the third installment in the Pet Simulator series. In this game, users have to collect gems and coins to reveal unique pets.


This article evaluates the basics of how to get Hippomelan Pet Sim X procedure and its essentials. However, we have found that this animal is mostly available after April Fool’s Day.


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Have you played Pet Simulator X, if yes, please leave your experience in the comment box.

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