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Escort of Billionaire Leigh James epub

Leigh James is a USA Today bestselling author on modern love. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of New Hampshire and a law degree from Suffolk University School of Law. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and children.

Love costs nothing and yet everything.

Meanwhile, billionaire James Preston, who has featured on the tabloids’ most popular bachelor, hires an escort to be his dating partner for his brother’s wedding; He understands that he is taking a risk. But one thing is for sure, he won’t be taking off his escort dress. He just wanted a dating partner and not a girlfriend or a relationship.

He doesn’t want strings, hookups, play or lovemaking because he has his share of thoughts. Before that, he had lost someone in his life that he loved so much, so he is not eager to try again. There is a high potential for failure or unwanted heart disease.

brother’s marriage

He wanted a pretty girl for his date who could go to elite events and not wear fake makeup. Plus, he wants to go to his brother’s wedding and go on his honeymoon to the Caribbean, so he doesn’t want the money.

He adds that it was only a matter of time before he hired an escort for himself and lived on penicillin. And now he wanted a girl who would pass a drug test, have a valid passport and who would identify with his family.

He adds that he is the master of all that he wants for himself. But he just didn’t want a complicated relationship and his family whispered him as gay. He didn’t want to be alone with his family to hear such words for him, so he wanted to take a beautiful girl with him and prevent his family from speaking further.

He likes to be alone with his devices. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship or a relationship with anyone because he was already heartbroken and decided to call it off. He wants a beautiful girl to wear a bikini and also has a classy attitude, so his family can’t understand their fake relationship as his family quickly learns the truth.

It was an expensive contract, about two million dollars, which included a two-week stay and travel. Elena’s escort service was the best escort service on the east coast. She will be a good merchant in your escort service. He had the most expensive and beautiful girls as employees.

Accompanying Practitioner

According to Audrey, escort businesswoman Elena was a beautiful woman. She will not like him very much because he is the one who pushed her into this job profile. However, she is forced to keep a smile on her face as she doesn’t want to lose the project as she hasn’t received a client from Elena in a week. It was also difficult to pay the rent of their house. So she could not miss this opportunity. Elena calls him an aristocrat and fills his bag with elite clothes.

As Preston comes from a Boston Brahmin family, Elena asks him to match her outfit. She further asks him to introduce her as a college girl studying graphic design courses in New Hampshire. In the past, it worked like magic for many people because they didn’t understand what graphic design was.


Audrey wants a job; He has to earn enough money to protect his brother. James is clear to regain his faith. When Audrey’s mother threatens her into revealing her business, James takes matters into his own hands. However, his controlling mother is of great concern to James as he sees her as a real threat to the Preston family name.

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