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Are you waiting to notice the conclusion of the authentic Yepoda Avis? Then get the unbiased review of in this article.

Have you noticed the authenticity of a Korean beauty product sales site? Next, let us tell you about the reviews collected by the site in this article.

Beauty products are loved by millions of women living in different regions, including France. Also, it helps many people gain confidence by looking desirable. Moreover, today we are going to peel the originality of using real customer reviews. So, if you want to check its reality, please study this article on Yepoda Avis.

The Portal Briefing

The “” website states that their products are made with organic ingredients free of harmful chemicals to improve skin quality. Also, they mentioned that many well-known K experts have formulated the listed items. So, let’s carefully examine the part below to detect more clues on the website.

Checking some site details

  • GooglePay, PayPal, VISA, American Express, etc. are the declared payment options.
  • You can return the item within 30 days.
  • The portal creation date is 2019-02-13, but it will be suspended on 2023-02-13.
  • [email protected] is the email address.
  • The Yepoda Avis stated that processes shipping via DHL GoGreen.
  • For refunds, will take 30 days.
  • The delivery process can take 2-7 days.
  • The URL of this portal is
  • We met social icons.

How reliable is the website?

  • Active icons are present.
  • The values ​​of the confidence rank and the confidence score (100 and 86%) are excellent.
  • User reviews can be found on and Trustpilot.

Why is inapt?

The phone number is missing.

Is genuine?

  1. The domain registration date-13-02-2019 is the establishment date.
  2. Trust Ranking – The Yepoda Avis hinted that the value 100/100.
  3. Owner Name – Veronika and Sander founded the website.
  4. Reviews found – On the site, public reviews are given. Also, it got mixed reviews on its Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube page.
  5. Trust Score – 86% of value is earned.
  6. Social Network Channels – We noticed that the icons work.
  7. Website Expiry Date – will end on 2023-02-13.
  8. Alexa Rank – 2,300,530 is the Alexa Rank of the website.

According to the given facts, we understood that the portal seems legit. But let’s detect what buyers are commenting on the portal.

Which Yepoda Reviews are available?

Discovering the threads, we accumulated many comments for the website on its social pages, but we did not notice any reaction from Trustpilot. On Facebook, it garnered 3.7/5 star ratings, including both positive and negative comments. Additionally, Instagram reviews expressed mixed feedback.

Likewise, a single review says the product is good and a great treat for YouTube users.


This article investigated a Korean website using Yepoda Reviews to find the original face of the website. According to reviews from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, the site seems genuine, but we suggest you research it further before proceeding.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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