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As part of its goal to deepen the audience’s gaming experience, Multichoice Nigeria has launched the superpicks.com App Download, a revolutionary free prediction app with a N50 million weekly jackpot.

Available for free play on www.superpicks.com, superpicks gives anyone over the age of 18 in Nigeria a chance to win a weekly jackpot of 50,000 by accurately estimating the score of six football matches for each weekend. There is also a guaranteed reward of 1,000,000 each week for the guessing player – who won last weekend by a householder.

Description: www.superpicks.com App

www.superpicks.com App is ​​the first major joint venture between Multichoice and the fastest growing digital and sports entertainment in Africa.

Demonstrate the capabilities of the platform and the combined capabilities of both organizations.

Speaking about the partnership, John Ugbe, CEO of Multichoice Nigeria, said, “We are delighted to be launching superpicks for our audience in Nigeria. It is our goal to provide not only fresh and innovative but also the best entertainment experience. With the rise of the Internet, sports betting in Nigeria and the rest of the continent, we are pleased to partner with BetKing to ensure that we can provide interesting content and quality.

www.superpicks.com app allows gaming enthusiasts to win life-changing cash every week!

Players will be able to use their sports knowledge to predict upcoming matches on their mobile or computer.

More Information About www.superpicks.com Download

www.superpicks.com Download is ​​a sports betting jackpot game. In the game, players can predict six pre-selected matches a week during the Premier League season. To make predictions, players must enter the betting market with match results.

It is also possible to choose the right score betting market. The goal is to make as accurate a prediction as possible during the match. Every accurate guess player earns game points. The player with the highest score at the end of the round (weekly game) will immediately win a cash prize and the player who guesses six true scores will receive a grand prize!

Players who choose the right scoring market option when betting will receive 5 points for each accurate estimate. Only 90 minutes regulation time is taken into consideration while giving marks.

Those who choose to match the outcome of the match get 2 points for each accurate guess. No points are awarded for incorrect estimates, whether the market uses the correct points or the outcome of the market game.

As players can see, the actual score is the highest point in the market. So if you want to hit that famous jackpot, the real result is the best way to enter the market.

It is possible for two or more players to reach the same score. When this happens in the case of the top players, the tie is used to determine which player gets the highest prize in the round. Each time a player makes six guesses per spin, they have a chance to answer a break-even question.

How to Create an account On www.superpicks.com?

  • Launch www.superpicks.com official website
  • Go to the top of the homepage and click the Register / Register button
  • After being redirected to the registration page, enter your mobile number and click the submit button.
  • Enter your full name, address and date of birth
  • Accept www.superpicks.com terms
  • Wait for the SMS code and enter it on the registration page after receiving it to activate your account.

How much does it cost to play?

Nothing, playing Superpix is ​​completely free. That’s right – a completely free chance to win big money on every spin.

What are the rewards for Grab?

Each spin has 50,000,000 jackpots to catch. If you do not win the jackpot each week, the player with the most points in that round will receive a 1,000,000 prize.

When should I submit my estimates?

Predictions must be submitted before the first match for each round, but each round will be open for predictions six days before the start of the first match, so you will have plenty of time.


As a result, the latest version of www.superpicks.com App has reached the hearts of millions of gamers. The game has a mobile-friendly interface, so it attracts all gamers.


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