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The post discusses Wordle New Times 2022 and describes it in more detail.

Who doesn’t like to solve difficult and complicated word confusions every day? I would like to thank Josh Wardala, the creator of the viral Virdal today, for creating the world-famous enigma game.

What to do for your beloved daughter, and then to be presented to a public of great interest all over the world? In addition, many spinoffs have appeared.

However, in this article we will take a closer look at Josh’s decision to sell Puzzle Words to Wordle New Times 2022 and The New York Times.

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Wordle Game Preview

Wordle is an English puzzle or crossword game that has spread around the world. In six attempts in the game, the players predicted a five-letter find. In addition, players are warned to change the color of the tiles to see if their predictions are correct.

The green tile indicates the correct letter; Yellow means the right letter in the wrong tile. Gray is not part of the word. In addition, new news is published every day.

We’ll take a closer look at why Wardley New Times 2022 and Josh Wardle sold the game to the New York Times in the next section.

Josh Wardle sells Word to New York Times

Fun fun at the fun was sold to the New York Times by the creator of the game. However, in a recent update, Wordle’s creators noted why the game was sold to the popular New York Times.

The reasons are:

  • Josh said one of the reasons for the resale of popular games in New York is to avoid the hassle of clones appearing in various software stores.
  • According to sources, he felt unhappy and unhappy that he had to deal with another version.

Wordle New Times 2022 – The Last Puzzle

The Enigma game was sold to the New York Times, and Josh Wardle was paid at least $ 1 million. Thus, this enigma appears in the New York Times daily without any game change.

In addition, the new Scrabble 284 was released on March 30, 2022. The game was not that complicated. In addition, many users were able to predict the correct answer and complete it in six attempts.

The most common method used by users is to add sounds and test the letters that match the rest of the box. Thus, according to sources, Wordle New Times 2022 is the answer to task 284.


With the success of Wordle, many publications and the Internet have spread. These include the world for music lovers, Mathematics Nords, Geography Words, NFB World and more.

However, the reason why the viral gaming manufacturer sold it to the New York Times was to block all downloaded programs. In addition, according to sources, the program has always had a reason to make money.


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