Wordle Geography Game

The following news informs us about the Wordle Geography game and the area of ​​this game and the number of daily visitors to its website.

After the launch of Werdal, the world panicked and people went crazy for this game. Verdal found a new home in the New York Times and offered numerous spinoffs, guessing from a few songs or the math of some of the equations.

Asking questions about world maps and geography has added another dimension to keeping people around the world engrossed in the game. New add-ons are becoming more and more popular every day, and those who don’t know about it can read Wordle Geography game articles and get full details about it.

Why are the news trending?

The Worldl was created by 31-year-old video game developer Anthony Tuff, but he says the game is not like Wordle and is just a tribute to the old game, in which people are invited to guess the world.

Six attempts are made for users to guess the name of a country or region by looking at the shape of the outline like a map. The players in the World Geography game could not answer the question accurately, they are asked which way the country is heading. The game is free and easy to play and has no ads.

News highlights

  • The creators asked people to ask the game as a tribute to the game, without considering it a copy of Wordley or similar.
  • People can play geography games once a day and users can share their scores on social media.
  • The green, yellow, and black squares in the game indicate how often players answer the question correctly.

People’s perspective on the World Geography game

People can enjoy a game like Wordle and they never miss a chance to play. We can also see players from around the world sharing their scores on social media under the World Hashtag. Within a few days the number of players increased from 10 to 10,000 and the number is significant.

The creator is very excited and happy with the launch of the new game and the love and support that people around the world have received while enjoying the Wordle Geography game. The game has also helped build relationships with people you can’t see.


We can tell that people are enjoying the game and waiting for another day to play the game and post their scores. The countries in the game are randomly selected based on an open-source map and a standard set of country codes. The game is free, but the creator asked people to give them coffee if they liked the word geography game.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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