Walkers Sandwich Crisps April Fools

It’s April Fool’s Day 2022 and a whole host of different brands are making happy jokes today.

Alexa tricks Brits with the voice of Rylan Clark when you say “hello”, “recrolls” everyone, including Rick Astley, I Will Never Leave You and Delivers announces a ban on all pineapple pizza.

Traditionally, pranks should end at noon. But this morning’s pranks are still fooling netizens in the afternoon, one of them being Walker.

Crisp company has announced a new fake product that should be true to social media users. The joke is on you now, Walker

Walkers Advert Sandwich Chips

If you’re from the UK, you’ve probably eaten crispy sandwiches. In two slices of bread it is something about keeping the crunchy, salty goodness that works weird.

That’s why British people across the country rejoiced when Walkers today announced a brand new product called Walker Crisps, Sandwich Crisps, which is as big as a piece of bread.

Introducing our new crispy sandwich. The best thing about #CrispInWalkers Sliced ​​Bread with a photo of a new snack on Twitter with the headline “New! Big Bread Shaped Crispy”.

The advertised flavor was cheese and onion (of course), as most would agree that crispy is the best flavor to put in a sandwich. Plus, he made a promo video to follow.

It should be April Fools

As of this writing, Walker has not confirmed that Sandwich Crisps is an April Fool’s Day joke, but social media users are convinced it should be.

The post and announcement is seriously reassuring and has fooled many, but it was released on Friday morning (April 1) at 6:30 PM time for April Fool’s Day Prank.

The British want that to be true

  • Now the British want sandwich crisps supermarket shelves.
  • People on Twitter think crispy sandwiches are a great idea. Walker? I hope you take notes.
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Walkers Sandwich Crisps April Fools

Crispy sandwich lovers, enjoy! A giant bread-shaped crunchy walker specifically designed for use in sandwiches.

The giant ‘bread shaped crisp’ reaching a height of 11 cm is crisp in the shape of a perfectly flat bread. Research on Walker’s new product shows that almost everyone (98%) in the country agrees that crunchy sandwiches make good.

The Perfectly Sized Sandwich Companion was launched to solve one of the biggest problems that crunchy sandwich fans have been struggling with for years – crunchy sandwiches and crunchy bread crumbs on the edge of uneven bread coverage.

Now, lunchtime crispy sandwich lovers can enjoy a delicious crunch of walkers crisps without worrying.

Why is April Fool’s Day so popular around the world?

While checking out the latest April Fool’s Day prank text ideas, we would like to mention that on this day everyone loves to joke and joke. Laughter is the medicine of good health and when people get a chance to laugh and surprise their loved ones, they do not spend time thinking twice. Make this day friendly to everyone, no matter how far apart.


Our goal is to give our readers new ideas to make this April Fool’s Day memorable. To learn more about the latest Idea Prank April Fools Day, we recommend you read our daily article.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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