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The situation of war is always undesirable and no country wants to be involved in it as it can harm the people as well as the economy. But sometimes it is inevitable and we see war in Russia and Ukraine.

Note: This article does not promote any wars and the facts mentioned in this article are based on intensive internet research.

The war is a cause for concern around the world, and countries are working to reduce it.

Recently we saw the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky entering Kiev. So, in this article we will study Volodymyr 2022 Zelensky.

Who is the President of Ukraine?

Volodymyr Zelensky is the President of Ukraine. In times of crisis, he called on the people of Russia and Ukraine not to go to war, as this could lead to a dark World War II-like situation.

Actor-President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky gave his real-life performance during a visit to Kiev on Friday.

His courageous decision to bring peace to the people of Ukraine was welcomed by people around the world. So, we need to know more about this bold move.

Why is Volodymyr 2022 making Zelensky headlines?

We are aware that Russia and Ukraine are at war. As President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zhelensky should hold political talks with Russia and reduce the war.

But when the situation got out of control and Russia invaded Ukraine, President Zelensky entered the battlefield in Kiev.
He also released a video of “We are here” and the main purpose of the video is “Ukraine wants peace.”

After this bold decision, we are here to see what plans Russia and Ukraine may have. For Volodymyr 2022 Zelensky, both sides should stay away from war because it can only lead to destruction.

But that doesn’t seem to be happening, and the president has to be in the audience. He was on television live on Thursday where he said the country needed peace and war was subsiding.

It is certain that the President of Ukraine is ready to face the most difficult moments of modern history and war, which can be reduced by political negotiations. So, let’s hope that this situation will change in order to maintain peace in the world and Volodymyr 2022 Zelensky will fight for peace.

What are the possible ways to reduce this war between Russia and Ukraine?

If the war escalates and more countries join, the consequences will be the same as in World War II.

  • Therefore, political dialogue between the two countries could be a possible solution.
  • UN intervention can be a solution to this problem.
  • UN Security Council Measures and Resolutions for Peace


Volodymyr 2022 Zelensky is doing his best to maintain the confidence of the Ukrainian people and to keep the peace in the country. So he went to war in Kiev and posted a video confirming that he was with the Ukrainian people.


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