Travis Kalanick Mother Accident

This article will tell you in detail about Travis Kalanick Mother Accident and the related super pump series. Read and learn in detail.

Travis Klanick’s story about his startup in a new series called Super Pump. Travis is a United States co-founder of Uber. There were many ups and downs. The series covers various aspects of the Uber startup, including Travis Klanick’s mother’s accident and more.

We will discuss the Super Pump series available online. This story is about the waves in Uber’s corporate history. So stay tuned till the end to get all the information about it.

Who is Travis Clinic?

Travis is a former CEO and co-founder of Uber. He was also the co-founder of Red Swoosh. He is a 45-year-old revolutionary leader who resigned from Uber in 2017. Later in 2018, they launched 10100, a startup that helped investors invest in a variety of e-commerce businesses. She came up with a great idea.

Travis Kalanik’s mother’s accident

In 2017, Travis’ mother died in a boating accident. His mother and father were traveling in a boat in California. His mother, Bonnie, died of his injuries, while his father was seriously injured. According to a police report, they were seen boating somewhere in a flat pine lake when a rock hit their boat. The whole incident was an unexpected tragedy and affected Travis’ life. Keep reading below for more details.

About the super pump

Super Pumped is a series about the ups and downs of Travis’ Uber journey. Travis Kalanik’s mother’s accident took a serious turn in the journey. He launched Uber in 2009 and it was a huge boost to the market. They first developed an app called UberCab and it was an accessible bridge between passengers and taxis that helped everyone. Easy pay on the phone and easy access on the phone have allowed taxi drivers and passengers to travel easily or conveniently.

Reviews on Super Pump

The story from the co-founder’s point of view, there’s a lot to tell people about the new Super Pump series. Travis also recalls the tragedy of Kalanik’s mother when she lost part of her life. People have mixed feelings about Travis’ journey. Some admire it, while others still talk about the problems at the hands of Uber Travis.


There is a story of Travis Kalanik who distributes drama in every aspect. Super Pumped gives each of us an experience of understanding Uber’s story from Travis’s point of view. From 2009 to 2017, he worked for Uber.

We’ve talked about the Super Pump series, the Travis Kalanic Mother Accident and much more in this next article.


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