Tartine et Chocolat Perfume Review

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About Tartine et Chocolat Perfume

Tartine et Chocolat’s Pitsenbone is a green floral fragrance for women. Ptisenbon was launched in 1988. The nose behind this fragrance is Michelle Sacramento. The top notes are lemon, orange, and galbanum; The middle notes are honeysuckle, lily-of-the-valley, and jasmine; the Base notes are musk, oakmoss, Brazilian rosewood, and amber.

Ptisenbon is a feminine fragrance of Tartine et Chocolate and was released in 1987. The aroma is freshly citrus. It is still available for purchase.

Fragrance notes

  • Amber
  • Oakmoss
  • Honeysuckle
  • Jasmine
  • Lily of the valley
  • Mint Musk
  • Musk Orange
  • Orange Lemon
  • Lemon

How do Tartine et Chocolat Perfume smell?

Fresh and floral, with subtle hints of honeysuckle, Eau de Tartine et Chocolat, Valley lilies and translucent jasmine has been a favorite fragrance of mothers and children for over 30 years. Launched in 1987 in collaboration with Givenchy, it was the first perfume for babies.

Does Tartine et Chocolat Perfume Last Long?

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“Suitable for ages 3 and up” – Soft, light, and refreshing scent suitable for hot, sunny days. The first puffs are gently dried to reveal the characteristic notes of jasmine and musk. While this is a fleeting fragrance, it’s a great way to reapply and refresh yourself!

Who owns Tartine et Chocolat Perfume?

Emily Zenier took over the brand, giving the business a whole new lease of life.

How much is Tartine et Chocolat Perfume?

This item by Given’s 3.3 ounces Eau de Toilette Spray is Tartine and Chocolate Pitcinbone. It costs about $ 5949 and is a branded giveaway.


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