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Do you know “sworn”? Do you know what their job is? This article does not apply to those who swear. This is Stewart Rhodes. Now you want to know more about Stewart Rhodes. Rhodes is one of the founders of Oth Keepers. Stewart also served on the board of directors of the organization in the United States. He was arrested on January 13 on charges of rioting and conspiracy. We were also part of the attack plot. For this reason, many people search for the Stewart Rhodes wiki.

About Oath Keepers and Stewart Rhodes

Oath Keepers is a radical advocacy group. They are like militias. Oath-keepers claim to be the guardians of the country’s constitution. According to research, many members are formerly associated with military organizations and legal groups.

The main purpose of those who take the oath is to protect the constitution. This figure is more important than government regulations, swearing-in members have always believed.

Rhodes was an active member of the Oath Keepers Association. Rhodes has been described by many as an active member of the group and a principled leader.


Stewart Rhodes grew up in the Southwest and joined the Army after graduating from high school. He became a skydiver after receiving an honorable discharge for injuries sustained in a night skydiving accident. He attended college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he graduated in 1998. While there, Rhodes claims she taught rape prevention at the College Women’s Center, and during this time she returned with several other jobs. Work as a certified hidden gun trainer and wallet driver.

Age of Stewart Rhodes

Steward Rhodes is 55 years old. He was born in 1967. His exact birthday is not yet known.

Stewart Rhodes career

Stewart Rhodes was once in the Army – he was a paratrooper. He then worked as a professional sculptor before joining the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. After studying constitutional law at Yale University, he returned to practice law in Montana.

Court records show Rhodes was fired in 2015 after a lawsuit was filed against him by a Montana federal judge, who said he ignored court orders and filed a separate lawsuit against a former client who accused him of abandonment. Rhodes did not respond to requests for comment for this article.

Wife of Stewart Rhodes

Stewart Rhodes’ wife’s name is Tasha Adams. They have 6 children together. The couple married in 1994 and have been together ever since. The couple’s relationship is said to have been strained by Rhodes’ extremist and radical nature.

Why is Stewart Rhodes blind with one eye?

One of the features of Stewart Rhodes is that his left eye is covered with a black patch. He tells the story of how he lost his left eye when, while in the army, he accidentally dropped a loaded handcuff and fell to the ground. After landing, the gun struck him in the face, injuring his left eye.

wiki Stewart Rhodes – Why?

A lot of people have been searching for information about Stewart Rhodes lately. Readers are interested in it.

According to our investigations and media reports, Rhodes was a former Army paratrooper. But due to injuries, he left the military.

He then attended Yale Law School. He was a deserving student and received the “Judge William E. Miller Award” for his scholarly research on the Bill of Rights.

He has repeatedly criticized the “Bush administration” and has written numerous articles and blogs on the subject. He called Hillary Clinton “Hitler” in one of his blogs.

Wiki by Stewart Rhodes

Rhodes’ life has been in the spotlight since the January 6 incident at the Capitol. This incident shocked the citizens of the country.

It is also true that many people welcome this event. But law enforcement officials found Rhodes and his group, the Oath Keepers, involved. The judiciary has also claimed that Rhodes was the mastermind and sympathizer of the incident.

The court summoned Rhodes and his supporters about the incident. But because of his personality and publicity, he avoided the consequences of legal rights.

But in the end, the judicial authorities found him responsible, leading to the discovery of the Stewart Rhodes wiki.

Why the news is trending

Stewart Rhodes is one of the most famous and well-educated personalities in the country. He is now 55 years old. After and after the incident.

Review About Stewart Rhodes news

Stewart Rhodes is a clear defender of constitutional rights. In many cases, they directly criticized government policies and regulations.

Rhodes has always enjoyed giving public speeches. He has also written several articles on constitutional rights. So, people usually search for the Stewart Rhodes wiki.


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