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Read the details and functions of this new website Stalkerinta Com, which has sponsored links to agriculture and anti-aging.

Did you know that is a new search engine? Unlike other search engines, it does not give users the option to enter search criteria. Instead, it invites links directly to search results. Indeed, runs on the concept of advertising.

One of the positive features of is that it receives promotions related to products and services near your location. Brazilian internet users want to know more about Stalkerinta Com.


Advertisers sponsoring are those whose links are displayed on the site. Currently, three types of advertisers display their services. These advertisers are the first among the websites selling irrigation systems, the second category of advertisers is related to agricultural related products and supplies and the third category of sponsors is related to anti-aging products. analysis shows that it hosts around 61 links for multiple websites. It will take a while for to get more sponsors and list different categories on the website. Stalkerinta Com cannot be accessed if ad blockers are enabled on your device. Of course, monetizes clicks on sponsored links.

The downside of is that it has no information about its objectives, policies and contact information. The scope of is limited because its users can only browse the pages offered by the website.

Although is not blacklisted, it should be noted that it only uses insecure HTTP protocols. With the HTTP connection, anyone can view the information you enter on the Internet in a variety of ways. Let’s check out more of these facts below.

Features of was registered on LLC on March 22, 2022 at 4:39:33 p.m. It was registered for only one year till March 22, 2023 and its lifespan was reduced. With its recent launch, has not gained any popularity ranking on Alexa.

The owner of used to hide his identity and contact number. No customer support number or email address provided on The embedded messaging window is also not supported by Due to many other factors, he got a questionable score of 23/100.

Moreover, the country of origin of Stalkerinta com is also censored. However,’s server location is in the United States. Discovered in the United States, maintained by the Fastley Institute of San Francisco. has an active and valid SSL certificate – let’s encrypt and use the RSA-SHA256 algorithm. However, the SSL certificate expires on April 1, 2022.

Review of Stalkerinta Com is a scam. seeks to redirect potential buyers of sprinklers, farm equipment and anti-aging products to specific websites. The authenticity and popularity of these sponsored websites requires further research from Internet users. Currently, has an awesome TrustRank and Alexa rating. We do not recommend Stalkerinta Com because there are no customer reviews on the website.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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