Sonusp Scam

Have you recently received an incorrect order from USPS? To find out the answer to this question, please browse our Sonusp scam article to get the actual details.

After weeks of waiting, are you upset that you received the wrongly ordered product? Have you ever complained to a courier provider about an incorrect delivery or order tracking? If not, please read our article as it may help US citizens file complaints and resolve their concerns.

The recent Sonsap scandal in the United States has caused a stir in the logistics market, so we provide misleading or misleading information about the products. Read our article to know more!

Why is Sonusp trending?

Online criminals send fake Sonusp text messages to the scam website with tracking numbers and URLs from phone numbers. Accordingly, recipients are advised not to follow the link in the fake USPS tracking scam message as the scam website will send messages to steal financial and personal data.

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About Sonusp

According to our research, Sonusp is a website that has not been running since 12 April 2021. It is an email service provider that provides delivery and order tracking services to e-commerce customers. Aside from these details, we couldn’t get more details from the website.

What are online scams?

Fraudsters hide a lot of important information for online scams. Even cyber security agents do not detect and punish them quickly. The crooks will take advantage of the personal and financial information provided on the fraudulent website. Therefore, if you are asked to provide financial information, please contact your bank for assistance.

Sonusp reviews

USP assigns the USPS company and its services by its title which allows users to track and receive their shipments accurately. However, many consumers do not file complaints on the online consumer forum to inform other Sonsap users.

One user explained to him that he had received an SMS from the phone number (8332604814) with an order tracking number (US9514961195221) and a link. By clicking on the attached tracking link, the user is redirected to many unsafe websites which may steal their personal or bank details.

What is the mechanism of Sonsap scam?

Regarding reviews on Sonusp, scammers claim that you have unreliable shipments due to incorrect shipping address. The redistribution link is attached to the SMS message. On the other hand, the URL ‘’ leads to fraudulent websites. Here’s how it works:

  • Application processing fee
  • You have been asked to provide your bank details.


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