Sip Club Unlimited

For all the fans of Panera, there is the recently launched Sip Club Unlimited Series membership plan that can help you with additional benefits.

Are you a fan of Panera? Have you heard of their unlimited club benefits? Do these benefits apply to lemonade and other beverages? Panera recently introduced a new plan for its customers that is attracting visitors from the UK, US and other parts of the world.

Read this article to know the benefits of Sip Club Unlimited, find the list of drinks and soft drinks included in it.

Unlimited benefits of SIP Club:

Panera has recently launched its new subscription service where it allows its customers to get the last unlimited drink subscription. In this recently announced subscription service, all customers will have to pay a flat monthly fee or $ 10.99 and get all the drinks for free in one month.

This is partly due to their unlimited coffee subscription plan where users have the option to get unlimited coffee and tea related drinks for only $ 10 per month for the whole month.

Details about Sip Club Unlimited:

After revealing the benefits for the club, let’s take a look at some of the details of the plan now to see how it works and what users need to do to use it.

So the plan applies to more than 26 different types of self-serve drinks, including iced tea, hot tea, Cola-Pepsi fountain and more. All members of the My Panera Loyalty Program can subscribe to it.

Users also have the option to use the service or loyalty program free of charge until July 4, after completing the registration process between April 19 and May 6.

Sip Club Unlimited Equality:

As we mentioned earlier in our previous content, the plan is somewhat similar and is inspired by the Mypanera + Coffee subscription plan that allows all registered users and customers to get free coffee for three months from the date of their subscription.

This promotional offer was introduced because the service was launched just two years after its original planned launch. Panera announced the Sip in Style campaign with rapper T-Pain, where one of the customers will have a chance to win the Golden Forty.

New Lemonade for Subscription Scheme:

Adding more details to Sip Club Unlimited, the bakery chain also launched several new drinks on its menu that were added under the paid lemon water category. So, for all its non-coffee-loving customers, you can try this lemonade to balance 20-ounce dark roasted coffee.

Added new lemonade to the list:

Loaded lemonade, hot tea, iced coffee, iced tea and lemonade, soda fountain, hot drip coffee and iced coffee.


For all the fans of Panera who are waiting for their new subscription plan, the bakery chain has come up with another offer for all non-coffee lovers. Sip Club Unlimited will offer them various paid lemonade and beverage options, increased to just $ 10.99 for one month.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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