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Are you opposed to repealing the US abortion law, which does not allow abortion after 15 weeks of gestation? Do you want to contribute to such projects, suggestions and protests against extremist judges and decisions? Did you know that pro-abortion activists and many other private organizations have solicited public support by scheduling separate strikes and launching Let’s see how helps.

Brief information about draft leaks:

Since 1973, Rowe v. In the Wade case, women were allowed to have an abortion until the 23rd week of pregnancy. A recently leaked draft by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Aletito had ordered a ban on abortion after 15 weeks of gestation.

Shortly after the project was leaked, several activists staged protests outside the Supreme Court. Women felt that they were being treated as state property and that if women’s right to abortion was revoked, their basic rights could be limited and their liberties could be limited.

RuthcentusCom launch:

As a result, the activist launched the website to register those who want to oppose such a decision in the Supreme Court. A decision is expected in June, and suggestions in the draft are not made public because they go against the Supreme Court’s code of conduct. However, people are active, believing that they should not wait a few more months and then not regret the Supreme Court decision. invites users to register who wish to:

  • Join the walk on May 11,
  • Finish the salary job by registering on ruthcentuscom,
  • Join the protest at the local AT&T store,
  • Unpaid strike,
  • Attend local whole food events,
  • Strike school,
  • Help increase social media strikes,
  • Strike costs,
  • Help organize a strike,
  • Support the striker by donating $ 58 or more and
  • Fasting invites artists to showcase their work at such events. seeks to inform the nation of the six judges involved in the regular delivery of judgments that violate the freedom of the people. The website also tries to give publicity

  • Black Live Matter,
  • Women deserve to be trusted
  • No man is unlawful,
  • Love is love
  • Immigration rights,
  • Protest against the oppression of minorities by registering on ruthcentus com
  • LGBTQ + and
  • Women’s rights and freedoms.

The website provides information on various events from May 8 to 15, and may be extended further. The website was named after the late Justice Ruth Buder Ginsberg. पेक्षाruthsent trending on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok with over 14,994 followers


On May 11, there will be peaceful protests outside the homes of six extremist judges in Virginia and Maryland. Activists have called for singing in local churches to protest. He planned to hold “Resistance Week” on May 14. Activities on are planned for the upcoming Women’s Day.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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