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Headspace is a well-rounded meditation app with an abundance of diverse, high-quality content. For people who struggle to get calm and peace from a restless mind.


Review of headspace APP

What is Headspace APP?

To illustrate the headspace concept, there is a Guided Foundation course with “Tech 10 Free Trial,” which involves 10-minute sessions with 10 and video infographics with six.

The end of a season unlocks the next focus of the series. After completing a level 1 session, users can move on to 2-3 more complete libraries with a paid subscription. Progress is monitored by providing timely user data to close and focus the session.

The “Content” and “Solo” programs throughout the Content Library contain approximately 365 Focus 1s, with new packages being developed regularly.


The series is a package of 10 to 30 sessions on topics such as health, relationships, performance, and “Head Pro”, a controlled program to overcome barriers and deepen a mindfulness meditation practice. Singles are referred to as “one-stop meditations”, which can be used as solitary sessions on specific topics.

The smartphone app includes daily news like headspace tours, programmable reminders, “Mindful Moments” and user support / FAQs.

The web-based program provides access to the online community forum for questions and discussions, “The Orange Dot,” and the Headspace Blog, and the Friends program in which users can interact with friends in their practice.

Many fitness apps may invite you to track progress. In fact, Headspace is applying as a “gym membership for the mind.

Advantage of Headspace APP

  • Free introductory 10-day program with reminders.
  • Sophisticated, user-friendly interface with customizable content.
  • Engaging animations to explain concepts.
  • Sessions can be downloaded and experienced offline.
  • A practical, modern, and secular approach to mindfulness.
  • Scientifically-supported.
  • Family and child-friendly – “Headspace for Kids” content.

Disadvantage of Headspace APP

  • Cost for subscription to access additional modules.
  • Requires discipline and time commitment for regular practice.
  • Experienced meditators must complete basic content before advancing.
  • The British accent of the facilitator may be distracting.

Headspace APP is the best free meditation app

The early Calm App program is new to the concept of mindfulness, involving experienced meditators and children. The physical nature of the headspace makes it accessible to a universal audience, especially those who are starting a new practice or want to revive their current meditation practice.

Experienced practitioners can benefit from many advanced meditation programs and applied materials such as mindfulness (e.g. eating, cooking, walking) or performance in daily activities (such as creativity, happiness, balance).

Calm App is not an option for the psychiatric treatment of people with severe mental illness. It can help individuals improve their standard of living and cope better with everyday stress.


Ease of use and user experience
  1. Headspace has a standard timer, email reminder, progress tracking, program training, and a standard mindfulness application of the application community.
  2. There are high quality, short video infographics to complement the guided meditation trails.
  3. The interface is simple, flexible, and easy to use on a computer, handheld device.
  4. Tapping the play button on the timeline initiates the next guided meditation in the series.
  5. The Focus interface includes a simple timer that allows users to see how much time is left.
  6. Sutradhara recommends sitting on a chair with your hands in your lap so that posture instructions can distract the person sitting on the floor.
User interface
  1. HeadSpace App is a web-based and smartphone application for Apple iOS (8.0+) or Android (4.0+) devices (phones or tablets) that can be downloaded from Apple Plus iTunes, Google Play, or
  2. It is not available for BlackBerry or Windows Phone.
  3. Some users on iTunes have found the app not working on the Kindle Fire.
  4. The company was founded in London, UK, and is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, USA.
  5. The meditation program is led by Andy Pudicambe, co-founder of Headspace and a former Buddhist monk.

Content aptitude

Content is straight forward with no religious or spiritual discourse. It offers personal coaching in training the mind to aid in daily meditation practice.

Easy account management

The username and password will be selected when you register for the free program and download the application form. Once the membership fee is paid, the entire headset library will be unlocked and users can continue to create their own programs.

It is possible to purchase a gift subscription for someone else. When I asked a question about my membership in the support team, I got an answer within hours.

Customer review

Review of headspace APP is well done and has been shown to be beneficial in randomized controlled trials to increase friendship 5-6. The rate for headspace research participants in this study is estimated to be 20-40%, although the number of dropouts is generally much higher among users when using mobile applications.


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