Queen Elizabeth Barbie 2022

If you are looking for the details of Queen Elizabeth Barbie 2022, this article will help you to clarify all the relevant facts and details.

Are you also looking for details of Elizabeth Barbie Doll? Is it true that is part of the rumor? Why is Queen Elizabeth made to look like Barbie?

The internet has been flooded with all these related questions lately as Queen Elizabeth Barbie is looking for answers and reasons why she looks like a doll. So done on his 96th birthday.

Read this article till the end to know all the facts related to Queen Elizabeth Barbie 2022.

Barbie Queen Elizabeth in 2022:

Queen Elizabeth’s 96th birthday is Thursday, April 22, 2022. Mattel has released its new Barbie doll to celebrate the occasion. The doll will honor the Royal Platinum Jubilee as Elizabeth ascends the throne in February for her 70 years of service.

Launched on Elizabeth’s birthday, Barbie is inspired by the iconic look, and the doll’s costume is a highlight for her. Thus, the doll wears an ivory-colored dress with a shiny crown and a blue ribbon in a decorative order.

Barbie Queen Elizabeth Dolls – A Tribute Collection:

Launched to mark Elizabeth’s 96th birthday, the Barbie doll will join a collection of tributes to incomparable personalities who influenced and shaped culture with their positive thoughts.

Thus, this tribute collection was launched last year in 2021 and I Love Lucy’s Famous Star Lucille Ball is the first addition. Mattel also said he is proud of his historical collection and that it will help children learn more about the legacy of distinguished personalities.

Queen Elizabeth Barbie 2022 – Where is it sold?

Having got enough clarity about the details of dolls and other related facts, now let’s find a doll platform for sale to make the buying process easier for everyone.

Amazon is a website with a list or collection of rare Barbie dolls. But right now this Elizabeth doll is out of stock due to huge demand. The doll is 15 inches long and weighs approximately 14.6 ounces.

In addition to Amazon, the Queen Elizabeth Barbie Doll is also available for sale at Target and Walmart, with prices ranging from $ 75.99 on Target to $ 349.99 on Walmart.

People who live in the United States can also get it from Hamelage, Harrods, John Lewis, or Selfridge.


Queen Elizabeth turned 96 on Thursday, and Mallet recently launched her Barbie doll collection. The doll is dressed in ivory and some of her finest details are celebrating her platinum anniversary on the throne.


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