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Are you a pub lover? Do you want to play mini games on the platform? Now there is good news for you. It’s a world-famous game that collaborated “between us”. So PUBG lovers can easily play mini games. In addition, players also get popular items.

Many gamers in the United States are happy with this new collaboration. Play opportunities for players have increased. But people want to know the updates and benefits of the new deal. Let us know – PUBG is covering Among Us Gun.

What do you know about the contract?

In a recent update, the collaboration between the famous game PUBG and Among U has brought a new gaming opportunity for game lovers. The new game will come with “mini-game” features per transaction. It also has new costumes and weapons, especially guns for gaming purposes.

The updated version is “0.9.30” and will introduce a new version of the game. The latest update will provide players with faster gameplay. In addition, players can access more up-to-date vehicles for the game. Players can descend to lower altitudes.

Pubg gun in us

In the game, players will learn new types of weapons and guns.

  • DSR1 – The recently updated DSR1 is customized with Flash Tank. The latest update will increase the strength of the weapons. In addition, players can also find crossbows. It is a magnetic bomb. It is also infused with metallic details and can explode in five seconds.
  • MCX- is the most personal rifle. It has 5.56mm cartridges. Therefore, players use it to handle serious losses. The cannon can also create a rapid flame of fire that can destroy enemy lines.

Pub Amang As Gun – New Attachment

  • Let’s find out the latest updates on the weapons section.
  • Grenade launchers – these include the Beryl M762 and M416.
  • Deca Vision (10x) – Players can combine this with any rifle for 6x more enhanced results.

The other list of rifles are- 

  • ACE32
  • QBZ95
  • Groza
  • AKM
  • SCAR-L
  • AUG A3
  • MK 12
  • ABU
  • SKS

Highlights of the new update

  1. Players will receive unique crates and weapons.
  2. The new update will bring us content-based status.

Players can use the new PUBG Among Us Gun.

Why the news is trending

  • The collaboration will have a significant impact on the video game industry.
  • The new game update will come in April 2022.
  • Players can explore many unique features of the game.


Don’t worry; Lots of features and updates await players. Players can get new prizes and extremely arrangeable gameplay. Players will explore new and updated games like BR Mode Extreme Arrange. In addition, the new collaboration will provide players with more destructive weapons.

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