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Do you know the previous situation in the Philippines? The truce between the rebels and government forces was slowing down and people were looking for any updates on online sites. This post on pnpdims com will inform you about the situation of the rebels and the views of the Communist Party there.

This article will be informative for all those who are curious about the situation in this country.

What was the situation in the Armed Forces?

The armed forces have been condemned for the attack on the NPA, the New People’s Academy. Because in the North Samar, the soldiers were carrying out humanitarian operations. DOP Pancratius Cascolan said police were ready to launch combat patrols with military units.

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Kascolan said the PNP high command has organized all tactical and tactical units to attack the NPA. Communist Party founder Jose Maria Sison, on the other hand, claimed that the NPA had agreed to defend itself and prevent government action.

Moreover, the police and army did not feel the need for a Christmas truce this year. Also, former PNP leader, Senator Panfilo Laxon, said Christmas was unnecessary because the president himself called all rebels arsonists.

Patrol fight

Police commanders have been ordered to launch preventive and preventive combat patrols with AFP. According to the statements of pnpdims com, NPAs are known for carrying out revolutionary attacks, vandalism and raids. According to Cascolon, the attack takes precedence over defense. Military officials believed the situation would reach its peak on the occasion of the 49th anniversary. This anniversary is celebrated on 26th December.

Thus, the situation may get worse when the authorities declare the CPP and NPA as attacking organizations. Although the armistice has slowed down, nothing could be further from the truth. Note that all details are taken from online sources, we do not guarantee or endorse this.

Season said the NPA will do its best and fight. According to pnpdims com, the NPA has a sense of ego and this time military action is futile.


To conclude this material, we have informed our readers about the past status of NPAs and AFPs. The rebels are proud and the situation can get worse anytime. However, the authorities put their own ideology on their own feet. According to online sources, the NPA has been identified as a terrorist, which is unbearable for them. Readers are waiting for more updates on this disappearing armistice.


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