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Oviicha Reviews Detail:- Hello friends and welcome to our official website examviews.com. In today’s post, we will see about online clothing stores in the United States named Oviicha.

You can listen to or watch the online Oviicha from the Android app. Today I am going to share the most wanted item and give information about Oviicha. We are not talking about their quality here, but we are still analyzing the Oviicha is legit or a scam?

Please read this Full article in order to get answers to all your questions about the Reviews of Oviicha.

In this day and age, plat online platforms mostly prefer to work efficiently and quickly without wasting time and energy. So, shopping online shopping is a way to avoid wasting time visiting and shopping in physical stores and markets.

But before you spend any money or get any product from the online store, you need to know the web store facts from the internet and check the feedback and recognition of the customers.

About Oviicha

What is Oviicha?

Oviicha.com is a website that, among other things, provides wearables for a range of men and women. The webshop was created on 2nd October 2020.

The webshop strives to provide the best quality, best deal and service to all buyers. The web shop’s clothing category includes women’s wear, swimsuits, sportswear and active tops.

Highlights of Oviicha

This website offers free shipping on orders over eighty-nine years. If you have any questions or complaints about this website, please email [email protected]

On the website, you can find various discount offers fur for the whole collection, e.g. 8% discount on purchases of three items, 10% discount on purchases of four items, and 12% discount on orders of five items. You will also find deals to save extra money on accessories.

Specification of Oviicha

  • The webshop url link is https://www.oviicha.com/search
  • The webshop offers swimsuits, sportswear, active tops, and women’s clothing.
  • Ovicha store online store email id is [email protected]
  • The website accepts a 14-day refund.
  • The website offers a full refund in three business days.
  • WebShop only accepts payments through a PayPal account.
  • You can chat live with the website customer service from 9 am to 10 am Monday to Friday.
  • Physical business address not available.
  • Website contact number does not exist.

Is Oviicha Legit?

Oviicha is a clothing store. They claim to deliver 100% original and handcrafted clothing and accessories to the store. In addition, the site can save buyers a lot of money as it offers many discounts and other additional features like free shipping, sales, and more.

  1. There is no line that the user becomes aware of.
  2. There are only a few social media sites.
  3. The confidence level is terrible, only 8%.
  4. It was created on 16/01/2021 which is very new.
  5. Even after discounts, prices are very high.

What is the Advantage of Oviicha?

  1. The website offers huge discounts on all items.
  2. The website sends its products internationally.
  3. The website offers a full refund in three business days.

What is the Disadvantage of Oviicha?

  1. The website is only five months old
  2. The webshop lacks buyer ratings and feedback
  3. The website’s contact information looks suspicious
  4. The website summarizes a lot about us, the goals and objectives of the Ovicha business.

What are the Oviicha reviews from buyers?

We’ve received positive feedback and a 5-star rating from the website, but we can’t trust it because it doesn’t have a valid customer ID. When we searched for sources online for reviews, we were left empty-handed. As a result, we will be able to receive customer reviews on the Oviicha store.


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