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To dispel your confusion, this article is based on information from Obide Wordle.

Are you up to date with the puzzle game known as Wordle? Did the word 306 deceive you? Yes? Many players like you from Canada, USA, UK, Australia and India are in the same line, so don’t be shy.

It was April 21 and people were shocked to see the response. Maybe they have some clues and most of them took it as an answer. Want to follow the answer? Is it a matter of verbal obedience? Let’s check the details below-

Is there such a thing as obedience?

Unfortunately, this is not the answer to your question. There is no such thing as obedience and this word has 0 meanings. But, it can be used as a proper word to scrabble other short words.

Instead of obedience, the Internet refers to “obedience”, which means to approve or govern by law, government or notice. So what are the hints and what is the exact answer to the word April 21? We need to check the details of this secret below-

Sports Tips-

  • The sentence has 3 vowels.
  • The term is related to chemistry.
  • Vowels are present in the initial, central, and final symbolic positions.
  • There are also examples like Fe2O3 and Al2O3.
  • It starts with the letter O and ends with the letter E.
  • It is a binary solvent of oxygen along with other components or groups.
  • It is a chemical mixture.

So these are the hints or pointers that will help you more. If you have a background in chemistry, you may have already guessed the answer. Let’s discuss more facts in the next section-

Follow the word number 306 Answer-

This section will open north on April 21 on Wordle. So Wordle’s answer is 306 oxide. It is a term related to chemistry and the clause subtly summarizes all the points in a section.

An oxide is a chemical solvent that contains at least one oxygen particle and an additional element in its chemical mixture. Most of the Earth’s crust is made up of strong oxides, which cause the elements to be oxidized by atmospheric oxygen or liquids.

Even substances that are supposed to look real often form oxide membranes. So the answer is simply not a word.

Why is it trending?

The term of the membership and the tendency and controversy behind the assumptions are very clear. The players must have been confused by the clues. The fifth sign is very confusing and supports the obedient answer.

It starts in O and ends in E. It is possible that artists who do not have a chemical background have considered this particular term as an answer. And, there is also a high probability of people rushing to anticipate this unusual word as an answer.


Based on internet research, obide wordlay query has been solved. Obid was not the exact answer, but the players guessed it for unknown reasons. The answer is oxide, the details of which are described in this article. We hope we have solved your dilemma and helped you objectively.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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