Nct Anniversary 2022

The article discusses Nct Anniversary 2022 and describes the announcement of their new album release. Read the article and learn more.


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Are you a fan of NCT 127 songs? Did you know that NCT has the latest updates? It’s been almost five years since the NCT group was introduced to the music world. Boy Group in Korea is celebrating his birthday with millions of fans.

During the online session, the kids in the group met the fans. And the group announced the release of a new album soon. The group is also very popular in Indonesia. After the release of the new album, many consider it the best gift of NCT Anniversary 2022.

Big party

NTC or “Neo Cultural Technology” is a well known brand under “SM Entertainment”. This group has huge fans all over the world. So, when the anniversary came on April 9, the group decided to meet their fans online.

During this session, the band members met many of their fans. Fans are also happy to see their stars shining on special occasions. NCT said during the virtual meet that the brand will release another studio album next September. The fans were happy to hear this news.

Kapan Anniversary Day NCT ​​127

Music lovers start paying attention from the early days of NCT. The group was founded in 2016. But from the very first album, the group has caught the attention of the fans. So, on his birthday, the group decided to hang out with him.

However, NCT announced the release of a new album. But members of the group have not yet revealed the name of the album. People will have to wait to know the name of the new album. However, the previous album ‘Save’ received a huge response from music lovers. According to music experts, the next album will model all records.

NCT Anniversary 2022

Meanwhile, the band’s anniversary has caught the attention of many music lovers. NCT is famous for its unique name, amazing music and lyrics. The group is also a favorite for its nine talented members.

Fans also love the band’s attitude and thoughts about the country and society. The group also uses the number “127”, which looks like the longitudinal number of Seoul. On the occasion of the anniversary, music lovers congratulate the group members – Utah, Doyong, Jangwu, Mark, Tie, Johnny, Jehun, Taiyung and Hechan. The group is also known for its socio-cultural activities. Kapan Anniversary NCT ​​127 always delights music lovers.

Why the news is trending

On Wednesday, NCT members literally met fans. The fans were very happy with the decision of the group. Fans are also proud of the members’ gestures. That’s why the news is all the rage.


According to the report, the group has been at the top for the last five years for various reasons. The team’s second album, “Billboard 200,” peaked at number five. The Billboard report also claims that NCT’s album ranks first in terms of number of sales. NCT’s album topped the “World Albums Chart”. Thus, NCT Anniversary 2022 is bringing news of a new album for the fans.


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Written by Patna Motihari

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