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What is Monolith in Ahmedabad

The monolith – a three-sided structure made with shiny metal sheets – in Ahmedabad does provide some clues as to what it may represent.

The structure can be spotted at the Symphony Forest Park in Thaltej, surrounded by various urban development projects. The monolith resembles the other ones that have been found in locations across the world, with shiny metal sheets forming the three-sided structure.

One of the sides has a few numbers etched on it, something only an astute viewer will notice. These numbers, listed below, offer some clue as to an affinity towards nature and the protection of wildlife.

Mystery About Monolith in Ahmedabad Real or fake

The monolith is shrouded in mystery around the world because people enjoy the mystery of unlocking new ideas and unlocking new thoughts.

As the structure began to create some buzz among local residents on the internet, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s assistant director of parks and gardens Dilipbhai Patel said he was aware of the monolith in the park. He said it was put up by the private firm that developed and maintained the park.

Written by Patna Motihari

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