Labyrinth Ragnarok NFT

The article discusses Labyrinth Ragnarok NFT and its unique features. Read the article and learn more.

What do you know about the new NFT game? Want to know how Gravity Limited plays an important role in the game? Don’t worry. The article will describe an NFT game that can change your experience.

The name of the game is – “Ragnarok Maze”. The game is already gaining popularity among gamers around the world. There are many types. This article will focus on all the features of Maze Ragnarok NFT.

What do you know about Ragnarok’s maze?

This game is based on the mobile game “MMORPG”. However, the game is yet to end. But according to experts, this game is a video game.

Importantly, this game is accessible to win. Players will be happy to know that the game will have monsters, levels and dungeons. The idea comes from the famous virtual game Ragnarok.

The game will also generate “onbuff” tokens. Players can earn coins by winning games and completing tasks according to the rules of the game.

Maze Ragnarok NFT – Get to know the founders

Gravity developers are developing games. Gravity is one of the most famous companies in South Korea. The company was founded in 2000 and entered the gaming industry.

Gravity has developed a new Ragnarok Labyrinth game. But two people are very important to develop this NFT game. CFO Heng Gon Kim and IR unit chief Jin Li have been instrumental in the game’s development.

Gravity operates in more than 90 countries. The gaming company also has branches in Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia.

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT. Market report

Market data is important for any NFT. The game contains NFT tokens. The token is named “ONBFF”. This is a brand new token in the NFT area. Now let’s take a look at its market ratio.

  • Rate – $ 0.1633
  • Market Cap – 44,872,462
  • Thin Market Cap – $ 128,939,050
  • Market volume in last 24 hours – $ 2,160,176
  • Market Cap – 0.04756
  • Traffic – 274,890,433.00 ONIT
  • Maximum supply rate – 789,885,600
  • Total supply rate – 789,885,600
  • Last 24 hours low rate – $ 0.16
  • Last 24 hours highest rate – $ 0.1811

You can explore more data from Maze Ragnarok NFT according to the above market proportions.

Why are the news trending?

Gaming news is trending for many reasons. First, the game has the highest pre-registration record among gamers. In just 22 days, more than a million people signed up, the document said.

Secondly, NFT will be released on April 13, 2022. In such a situation, news is becoming a trend all over the world.


According to a recent update, players started pre-installing the game app from April 7, 2022. The mobile app is also available on the iOS App Store from April 11th. The Sports Authority is also offering early registration of Maze Ragnarok NFT on its website ahead of its initial launch.


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