Jack Lyons North Bay

This article will give you a brief overview of Jack Lyons North Bay and discuss his father Mark’s dedication to autism awareness.

Do you know Jack Leon? A young boy became a celebrity due to Autism Awareness in North Bay. Now people are talking about Jack because he is the face of “Light It Up Blue”. This is an autism awareness camp in North Bay. The news has spread across Canada.

Jack Leon’s father Mark Leon expressed his gratitude for supporting his son. Mark also believes that the campaign will help people understand ‘autism’ and create awareness in the community. Jack Lyons North Bay is a great example of psychological problem awareness.

The Blue Boy of North Bay

The color blue recognizes the advocate of autism. For the “Light It Up Blue” campaign, allies and guests must wear blue. It is used as a symbol to spread the disease. Jack Leone is already known in society as the ‘Blue Boy’. Jack is only fourteen years old.

People know him by name. Mark is very grateful that people and society accept his child. On April 2, Mark and his team organized “World Autism Awareness Day” – “World Autism Awareness Day” – at the town hall.

Jack Lyons North Bay

The event is attended by many people who will love the cause. But Mark also remembered when he started the cause. Initially, creating an awareness campaign was a challenge. But gradually people understand the reason behind this. Mark expresses his gratitude to all his friends and relatives who have supported this cause.

Mark is currently selling items such as mittens and socks to raise money for “Light It Up Blue”. Highway 17 is Mark’s main sales area for selling these products. People buy these products and also help them.

Jack Lyons North Bay – The Sock Man

Mark remembers when he was diagnosed with Jack’s disorder. But Mark decides to fight and helps Jack out of his predicament. Mark also decided not to stop here. The main purpose of this campaign is to help certain types of children in the region.

Mark and his team started a plan to help these kids. In addition to the outreach program, the campaign also raises funds for special child development activities. Mark decides to sell socks and he becomes the “Sock Man” of the area, while his teenage son Jack Lions becomes North Bay.

Why the news is spreading

This summer, the community created a unique playground for children with autism. A feature of the park is the presentation of this sensory panel for children with texture and light. In this way, these children can spend quality time with their friends and parents. Many media outlets have reported on this just cause.


According to a recent update, Mark and his team raised $ 56,000. The funds will be used for public awareness campaigns and development of special children in the North Bay. However, Mark’s son Jack Lyons is known as North Bay. We use Internet sources to present all the data.


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