Is Germany Helping Ukraine

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What is the nature of German aid to Ukraine? The controversy erupted after Russia launched a military operation against Ukraine.

According to our research, Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany and NATO member states – the United States and the United Kingdom – is in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in question.

However, Germany is also a member of NATO. And the German authorities have clarified their position on the dispute – is Germany helping Ukraine?

The origin of the argument

Andrej Melnik issued a statement in Germany after Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany has sent a message to the German Defense Authority that the country needs 100,000 helmets and protective equipment for volunteers in this crisis.

Meanwhile, the state authorities of Ukraine sought active help and assistance from the Western European courtiers. Already another member of NATO, Canada has announced financial assistance to Ukraine during this national crisis. This has led to controversy over the nature of German aid.

Does Germany help Ukraine?

Germany really helps Ukraine. But our recent research suggests that Germany only provides medical assistance to conflicting countries. But Germany has refused to provide any arms assistance to Ukraine.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht dismissed the allegations in a recent media statement after Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht clarified that the country is supported only by medical training field hospitals for Ukraine. The government also provides about $ 6 billion for medical supplies. Germany also denied the allegations.

Does Germany help Ukraine – political consequences

The German-assisted nature created another controversy in the “NATO” alliances. According to our research on the current situation, many Western European countries and the United States have sent military aid to Ukraine.

Other member states are confused about the German form of aid. Political crisis pundits have claimed for some “unknown” reason that Germany is taking a moderate stance against the Putin government.

Many “NATO” countries are already blaming the German regime for this restricted aid to Ukraine.

Our research also suggests that Germany prevented Estonia from supplying German-made “Howitzer” weapons to Ukraine. That is why member states are asking: is Germany helping Ukraine?

The last argument

Our research also exposes the controversy started by former German naval chief Achim Schबnbach.

According to our sources, the former head of the German navy supported the Russian position and claimed the “respect” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Following the criticism, the former German naval chief had to resign. And now the current situation shows that Germany is helping Ukraine only for humanitarian reasons.


According to our experts on the recent Russian-Ukrainian crisis, the current bilateral relations between Germany and Ukraine have warmed up. In 2022, Anka Feldhussen was criticized by the Ukrainian government. And this led to a controversy: is Germany helping Ukraine?

Our research suggests that after the Russian invasion, the German Foreign Office ordered German citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.


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