Injector Case Tarkov

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What is a Tarkov injector box?

It is a container used to hold injectors, stimulants and other drugs. It was designed with the concept of saving players roster space. It gives nine inventory slots in a 3*3 grid and requires only one inventory slot.


  • You can find it in the three-story dormitory in the marked room.
  • In warehouse 3 of the shipping yard – on the industrial shelf.


In marked rooms.

  • There are two ways to get it: either buy it or find it in the game. Many people consider it the best item in the game, so it might be useful for you too. That’s why you can consider using it in games.

What can you put in Icase Tarkov?

It can store everything except:

  • Item case.
  • Arms case.
  • Lucky Scave Junk Box.
  • Chapters of articles.
  • Thick weapon hair.
  • Pistol case.
  • Paper ammo box.

Where is the Tarkov Adrenaline Injector?

  • Medbag SMU06.
  • Sport bag.
  • Weapon Crate (5×2)
  • Cash on land.
  • Buried Barrel Cache.
  • Medical supplies case.
  • Knight.

What should I put in the junk box Tarkov?

The Lucky Scave Junk Box is a container whose purpose is to save space in a player’s inventory. It provides 196 inventory slots in a 14×14 grid and takes only 16 inventory slots. Anything that counts as barter can be stored there.

Questions to ask

Q: Where is Tarkov in real life?

A: Escape from Tarkov takes place in an alternate universe of our present day, the fictional Russian city of Tarkov and its suburbs, the industrial and economic center of the country’s north.

Q: What research is required for kappa?

A: The Kappa Safe Container in Escape from Tarkov is the endgame safe container that can be obtained after completing the Collector of the Fence quest.

Q: What is Tarkov’s biggest reserve?

A: Escape tarkov hideout upgrade hideout

If you don’t want to spend your real money to increase the size of your stash, Tarkov still allows players to access the 10×68 stash that is the Age of Darkness Edition player stash.

Q: What is the best level 5 armor tarkov?

A: Citadel armor is the best level 5 overall armor, but Citadel armor is a good accessible option. AACPC, TACTEC, and Cry Precision Guns are all good choices, belly protection for storage.


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