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India celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August every year. This year we are celebrating the 73rd Independence Day of India. This is the right time to engage your child in activities that represent the history of India and its rich cultural heritage.

One of these interesting activities could be drawing the Indian national flag. This serves a dual purpose – your child will improve their creative skills and also learn about the meaning of our national flag. So let’s get started! See how to draw the Indian flag step by step.

Tips to draw Draw Indian Flag

  • You need to draw the Indian flag
  • Plain A4 size paper
  • Pen
  • An eraser
  • Footpath
  • To paint

How to make Indian flag – A simple step-by-step guide for children

Step 1: Draw the pole.

Using a ruler, draw two vertical lines parallel and close together. Connect the two ends of these parallel lines. This is the pole that carries the flag.

Step 2: Draw the flag.

Draw a line extending outwards from the top of the flagpole as shown in the picture and a similar line a few inches below. Comb the open ends of these eccentric lines.

Step 3: Divide the flag into 3 parts.

Divide the flag into 3 proportional sections by drawing 2 eccentric and horizontal lines around the flag as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Draw a circle for Ashoka Chakra.

Draw a small circle in the center of the center of the flag.

Step 5: Complete the Ashoka Chakra.

From the center of the circle, draw 24 identical lines on the outline of the circle. These lines form the 24 spokes of the Ashoka Chakra.

Step 6: Build a stand for the flagpole.

Draw a flat and slightly elongated oval around the bottom of the flagpole as shown in the picture. At the bottom of the oval, draw a parallel arc to the oval. Connect the arch with two short vertical lines.

Step 7: Draw the rope

From the top of the flagpole, draw an avy wavy line that runs to the bottom of the pole. This corrugated line becomes the rope or rope used to hoist the flag.

Step 8: Build support for the stand.

Draw another oval below the flagpole stand. This will outline your flag. The flag is yet to be painted.

Step 9: Color the flag.

Paint the top of the flag with saffron and the third with dark green. Paint the lines of Ashoka Chakra dark blue. You can use shades of blue and green for the stand and base. Don’t forget to explain to your child what each color means. Saffron means courage and willingness to sacrifice, white for truth and peace and green for faith and might. Ashoka Chakra is a symbol of continuous progress.

Drawing the Indian flag has never been easier for your child with this step-by-step guide. This will not only keep him busy and have a fun time, but it will also give him a sense of patriotism as he learns the importance of every element of the flag.

How do I create Ashoka Chakra with CoreDraw X6?

First, create a new document by following the picture of the Pakistani flag in CorelDraw X6 in my previous post. Then, to draw the Ashoka Chakra on it, first select the polygon tool from the toolbox.

When you select this tool, your cursor changes to a plus (+) sign with a small pentagon shape at the bottom right, and the tool’s properties appear on the property bar. In these properties, set the points or sides of the polygon to 4.0 and the outline width of the polygon to 0.5 pt and press Enter.

Then, place your pointer anywhere on the page, hold down the left mouse button and drag in any direction to create a four-sided shape (the shape is not rectangular or square, but diamond). . Then fill the shape with black by left-clicking on the thumbnail representing black in the color palette.


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