How To Cancel Tinder Gold

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We’ve all been there: you’re curled up in bed, scrolling through Tinder until you fall asleep. You’re on the left swipe reel and you accidentally swipe right on someone swiping right with your thumb.

The only way to go back – to undo your last swipe – is to pay for Tinder, so why not pay for a Tinder Gold subscription for just a few dollars a month? One month will cost you $14.99, but the monthly cost is lower if you subscribe for a longer term: $7.50 per month for six months ($49.99 total) or $5.00 per month for twelve months ($59.99 total).

If you change your mind before the end of the month, you must deactivate Tinder Gold. How do you do it?

What is Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold is a premium subscription option for the dating app. It’s possible that it could be called Gold because it’s the Goldilocks of plans, with more benefits (and a higher price) than Tinder Plus, but fewer benefits and a lower price than Tinder Platinum.

You won’t see any Tinder membership ads. You have unlimited likes (as opposed to 100 right swipes per day for free users), unlimited rewinds, and the ability to use the passport feature anywhere.

Unlike Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold includes a feature called Top Picks, which lets you see your “most interesting matches.” You’ll also get a free boost each month, which will push your profile to the top of your local search results for 30 minutes, plus free super likes, which will let people know you like them before they like you.

Tinder Platinum also includes the ability to see your previous preferred likes, which puts you ahead of your potential match choices, and the ability to text when you’re super liked.

How to cancel tinder gold

Depending on how you signed up, Tinder Gold can be canceled in several ways. Deleting the app from your phone will not cancel your subscription, and your Tinder account will not be canceled if you made a purchase from the Apple or Google Play Store.

If you purchased Tinder Gold on your iPhone, open your Settings and tap your name. Then subscribe, find your Tinder subscription and cancel it.

There are two options for Android. Go to Google Play Store on your Android if you want to buy anything there. Access Subscriptions by tapping the Menu icon. Select Unsubscribe from the Tinder subscription menu.

Open Tinder on your Android smartphone if you choose the direct credit card option. To cancel your subscription, go to your profile, select Manage Payment Account, then Cancel Subscription.

Finally, if you bought Tinder Gold through Tinder’s browser app, go to the website. Go to Manage Account, then tap the profile icon to cancel or turn off auto-renewal. If you purchased a subscription through Tinder, deleting your account on the browser site cancels it.

Are you still having problems? Tinder has a separate page that explains how to cancel your subscription, but the steps are essentially the same. If you want more personal help, take a photo of what you’re looking for and contact Tinder directly.

What happens when we delete Tinder Gold?

You will have access to premium features until your subscription expires. Tinder does not offer refunds for payments made from the date of cancellation or retroactively.

Your Tinder account is not deleted when you cancel your premium subscription, so you can continue using it for free. You can always start a new membership if you want the bonus again. Until then, enjoy Swipe without any regrets.


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