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Do you like video games Do you like horror video game series? If so, you should be familiar with Fnaf which is Five Nights in Freddy’s. It’s a kind of survival torture, and audiences from Canada, the US and the UK are joining the show.

If you are one of them, the Sun and Moon characters will definitely be a mystery to you. You need to do research on how high the sun is.

About How Tall Is Sun Fnaf

How Tall Is Sun Fnaf Security Breach is the latest installment in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, which has received rave reviews. Fans of the franchise watched the characters return and give new identities. In the FNAF Security Breach, you play the role of Gregory, who encounters many terrifying elements, one of which is the sun in Daycare. Many people are curious about how big Gregory is with Sundrop / Moondrop in FNAF Security Hole and we will give you the answer you are looking for.

Features of How Tall Is Sun Fnaf

  • Voice Service Provider – Kellan Goff
  • Diversity – Animated human
  • Screen color – yellow
  • The appearance of red
  • Male gender
  • The main effect – several nights at Freddie’s: Security breach

How big is Sundrop / Moondrop in the FNAF security hole?

Sundrop is a daycare assistant who has a lunar “alter ego”. It is estimated to be 6-7 feet (182.88-213.36cm) high. Dressed as a sundrop jester / sun head, strip pants and long legged clown. Its posture has a slight bump, so it can easily reach 7 feet while standing. But, there is no confirmation from the developers about its size yet. Right now it’s all a guess.

As you know, the Moondrop version is activated when the lights are off. And when that happens, the moon becomes a formidable enemy with bright red eyes. Nothing else changes on his body, so the height of the moondrop remains the same – about 6 to 7 feet.


Surya is a humorous character with a sun-like skull, bright desert eyes, slender body, long arms, limbs with five fingers and a wide smile. He is in good health with an elastic pale yellow dress, shiny pants with brown / red stripes and a brown stripe on the back of his chin.

We can find the height of Sun Fanaf. He wears orange elf-like shoes and has horns wrapped around his arms to blush the ribbon. We can see the inside of the sun through the sun’s legs, arms, shoulders and the empty edges of the back.

Why is it trending?

His identity is very childish, but his appearance is a little dangerous. He is strong but enjoys working with children. He is soon shocked and tries to maintain his luster to prevent it from turning into the moon. These traits suddenly make people curious about their personality and especially their size.

How big is Sun Fnaf?

Based on research and people’s perceptions, considering the difference in height between himself and Gregory, he should be 6-7 feet tall. She is very thin and her height is about 6 to 7 feet, sources said.

Work in the sun

When the rays are formed, the sun acts as a daycare assistant. He doesn’t want people’s livers to burst; Otherwise, it will be re-created in the moon. He acts as a guardian of good behavior while playing with children and cleaning up trash.

Main work

Their main job is to catch and punish the naughty children who live after sleeping. We hope that we have also resolved your ambiguity regarding the size of Sun Fnaf. His age and other personal characteristics are not specified.

Although we have tried our best to tell you about its size. He is too serious to oppose the transformation of Lightsaber into the moon, which reflects his doubts on the other side. The Sun is highly ethical in following the rules.

Review of How Tall Is Sun Fnaf

Daycare Assistant has two characters named Sun and Moon as a last resort. There are many controversies about the sun like the size of the sun fanaf and many others. However, he is active and energetic and according to some studies we have found that he is 6-7 feet tall.


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