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For all the Encanto fans who are looking for Bruno Encanto facts, read this article for details.

Have you ever seen Encanto? Who is Bruno in Encanto? How tall is Bruno?

Encanto’s Bruno has caught the attention of users around the world, and people are constantly looking for details related to its height and other aspects. Bruno’s Heights is advertised in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Read this article to know the details of Bruno Encanto’s height till the end, while revealing the facts of all the other characters!

About Bruno Encanto

Before we get into the details of this particular personality, let’s first get to know the details of the role and other facts in the film.

Encanto is computer-animated fantasy music distributed by Walt Disney Studio Motion and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

This is the 60th film directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush. The film was co-directed by Cheris Castro Smith and scripted by Lynn-Manuel Miranda.

Encanto character height details:

Encanto’s film set was developed in South America, and the story of this fictional comedy was set in the magical version of Columbia. The film depicts a fantastic family called the Madrigals who lived in a beautiful house in the Colombian mountains.

He was shown living in an amazingly attractive place in a bustling city, a place called Encanto.

Who is Bruno and what is his role?

Bruno is considered to be the sidekick of Mirabelle Madrigal, the main character in the film. Read the details on this character to know how tall Bruno Encanto is.

He is presented as the only child of Alma Madrigal. They also have the superficial ability to see the future. He is different from all the other members of his family because of his special nature.

They are also called the black sheep of the family because they have a rat-friendly corner and suspicious vision. Her sisters are Pepa and Juliet. The character is 50 years old, and he is also a confused man.

The character is also portrayed with green eyes that glow and glow when he uses his superpowers.

How tall is Bruno Encanto?

This character is 50 years old and the length of this character is 5’4. In addition, there is a list of other characters’ heights and ages, which we will update later at the request of our readers.

Review the size of Bruno Encanto

Bruno’s height is 5 feet 4 inches and this special character is also 50 years old. Moreover, the personality line is the central part of the film.


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