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You can listen to or watch the online High Rise Invasion Anime from the Android app. Today I am going to share the most wanted item and give information about High Rise Invasion Anime. We are not talking about their quality here, but we are still analyzing the High Rise Invasion Anime is safe or not?

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By testing High Rise Assault Attack, you’ll find information about the series and how customers can enjoy the series. People mostly see it in the United States. People have become fans of this show.

Let’s start our discussion about it, and you will enjoy this article because the series is full of mysteries.

High Rise Invasion Anime

What is High Rise Invasion Anime?

This is a mystery series that shows a girl searching for her brother and he wants to save himself. There are many ups and downs in the search for life and his brother. It is an animated story about the life of a girl and her brother.

People would probably be trapped in a high-profile aggression because of the idea of murder and tragedy, but they wouldn’t talk about the friendship between Yuri Honjo and Muko Niseh.

Yuri explodes with joy when he admires Mayuko and they form a sister bond that is really beautiful, like Mayuko’s confusion when he barely opens Yuri.

What is the summary of High Rise Invasion Anime?

Yuri, a young woman from High Rise Invasion Anime Review, saw a man bored and wounded by an ax. He is worried about his situation and wants to run away. He quickly realized that he was trapped in a tall building with puzzles everywhere.

When she finds a way out of her frustration, she realizes that there are no signs of life in this tall building.
However, frustrated that his brother was in a similar situation, he decided to avoid them both.

High Rise Invasion Anime Review

We also learned that she soon learned that many masked assassins in the area were threatening their new victims and satisfying their enthusiasm.

Who are in the voice-over team?

The voice-over team of High Rise Invasion includes

  • Haruka Shiraishi performs as Yuri Honjō.
  • Shiki Aoki gives the voices for Mayuko Nise.
  • Akira Sekin performs as Kuon Shinzaki.

Will there be another Season 2 of High Rise Invasion?

As the anime was recently released (February 25, 2021), it will soon be known whether there will be a Rise Night Invasion 2 season. Neither Netflix nor Studio Zero-G has made any announcements about the upcoming season. Although the first season has an open end, there are definitely options for the second season.

What do you know about the production?

The Netflix Anime Festival held in October 2020 first announced the online streaming of High Rise Invasion. The teaser of the series got released. The team mentioned the worldwide release of this popular anime in February 2021.

The youngsters can also view this animated series on the official website. Teenagers can watch this series in two versions on the official website

  1. Human Version
  2. Mask Version

Who are the producers of High Rise Invasion?

The producers of this popular animated series are Kodansha and Netflix. The expected runtime is 25 to 27 minutes.

What does High Rise Invasion Anime Review reveal?

The story of High Rise Invasion expresses what humans will do to ensure their safety and survival. Teenagers of the United States must pay a visit to the reviews of this series.

We have checked the online reviews where we got most of them are satisfied with this series. Some viewers love the strong start of the story and the entire adventure.

How are people reacting to High Rise Invasion Anime series?

According to our research, people like this a lot and they like it a lot. The series has a good rating and a 7.5-star rating, according to IMDB, which is not a bad rating.

Skyscraper Invasion Anime reviews said the series created a puzzle and served as icing on the cake. As such, it is an exciting range to watch.


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