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Gaspard Wiki Ulliel Detail:- Hello friends and welcome to our official website In today’s post, we will provide the most popular French actor who worked in various films and received awards for his work in the United States named Gaspard Wiki Ulliel.

You can listen to or watch the online Gaspard Wiki Ulliel from the Android app. Today I am going to share the most wanted item and give information about Gaspard Wiki Ulliel. We are not talking about their quality here, but we are still analyzing the Gaspard Wiki Ulliel analysis.

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Do you know who Gaspard Ulliel was? Have you seen the movie he starred in? Unfortunately, since the artist breathed his last yesterday, we will not see it again in the future.

So what caused the death of the rising star? His fans and followers around the world are eager to learn more about Gaspard. So we will discuss everything and go into detail in our post-Gaspard Wiki Ulil.

Who was Gaspard Ulliel – basic information?

His name is enough for fans and followers as Ulliel is a famous personality. Born November 25, 1984, in Boulogne-Billancourt, he was a famous French actor. We know him for his roles in various films.

He had a dog bite mark on his left cheek when he was 6 years old. And this sign has enhanced his acting ability as he looks like a dimple on his cheek. Gaspard has been interested in cinema since his early days, and he studied at St. Denis University and studied cinema.

Gaspard Wiki Ulliel- Some additional information about his personal life:

  • Mother’s name: Serge Ulliel
  • Father’s name: Christine Ulliel
  • Dating Actress: Cecil Castle
  • Also, a relationship with Jordan Chantelle and Charlotte Casiragi
  • Partner: Gaël Pietri from 2013 to 2022
  • Children: Born on 9 February 2016; His name is Orso.


Here are some of his works:

  1. 1999 short film Alias
  2. 2002 Summer Things, and for his role he received the Lumires Award for Most Promising Actor.
  3. He also received a Caesar Award nomination.
  4. In 2004, he starred in three films and received Caesar, and people are interested in Gaspard Wiki Ulliel.
  5. Gaspard received the Most Promising Actor award.
  6. He then starred in 2007’s Jack Le Croquent, Hannibal Rising and L’Econo.
  7. In 2009, he starred in films such as A Heavenly Vintage, Le Premier Cercle and Ultimatum.
  8. For his 2014 film St. Laurent, he won the Lumire Award.
  9. In addition, he received nominations for the Globes de Crystal and Caesar.
  10. He was nominated for the Riviera International Film Festival for this film.
  11. In addition, in 2021, he joined Marvel’s Moon Night, which will be released posthumously.

How did Gaspard die – Gaspard Wiki Ulliel?

Gaspard Wiki Ulliel was seriously injured while ice skating at the Hotel La Rogers in the Roh Alps because he was not wearing a helmet. On January 18, 2022, while skiing, he crashed into another skier in the downhill square and suffered severe brain damage.
With serious injuries, he was rushed to a nearby hospital, but died the next day, January 19, 2022.

Summary on Gaspard Wiki Ulliel

He is a famous French actor and was also very active on social media. Many of his fans and followers have known him for a long time, but his sudden disappearance caused concern and Gaspard searched for Wiki Ulliel. For More Information About Gaspard you can search on Gaspard Ulliel on Wikipedia also


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