Fruit Battlegrounds Trello

Fruit Battlegrounds Trello is a Robotox game developed by POPO and influenced by the anime “One Piece”. Here, the motto of the player is to become a great fighter but it is a challenge. And that’s why players find Fruit Battlefield Trello, code, tier lists, scripts, and wikis.

All these have special features and help the players a lot to rise to the top. Are you here to collect the same information (about scripts, code, and content)?

If yes, then think that you have stopped at the right article because I am here to tell you all about it. Let’s start –

Fruit Battlefield Trello

Fruit Battleground Trello is a platform where you can find a lot of information about the game, such as game passes, items, events, etc.

If you are new to the game or want to learn all the basics of the game, Fruit Battlegrounds Trello is for you to enjoy; You must watch it through given link:

Things to remember about Fruit Battlefield Codes –

  • You spell correctly when trading.
  • These are only valid for a certain period, so make sure to redeem them before they expire.
  • Code can be used only once from a particular account.

Battlefield Fruits Code Redemption Process –

  1. Open the game and tap on the “Twitter icon”.
  2. Enter the code for which you want to earn rewards.
  3. Finally, click on the redeem button and it’s done. The reward will be added to your account.

Working codes List:

  • 25KINSANE = you can get 450 gems by redeeming it.
  • 30KLOVEYOU = it’s for 550 gems.
  • 20KCRAZY = it can reward you with 550 gems.
  • 15KNOWAY = redeem it for 550 gems.
  • THXFOR10K = you can claim 300 gems using this code. 
  • 7KTEAM = for 450 gems.
  • 5KSQUAD = this code can reward you with 450 gems.
  • 4KGANGO = redeem it for 450 gems.
  • 3KTHXBRO = for 450 gems.
  • WUPDATEORNAH = for 600 gems.
  • 2KLETSGOOO = redeem it for 450 gems.
  • PRESENT4YOU = you can get 700 gems by redeeming it. 

Fruit Battlefield Wiki

Currently, there is no wiki for Fruit Battleground. It’s also less likely to happen in the future because the game is simple and Trello has most of the data.

Fruit battlefield scenario

Roblox game scripts act more like tutorials in that they contain instructions for the game. By using these scripts, the player can increase the chances of winning the game. But unfortunately, there is no Fruit Battleground script available yet.

End note

So this is all about Fruit Battlegrounds Wiki, Trello, Code, Tier List and Script. Hope you got the expected information and can easily use the mentioned data to perform well in the game.

Fruit Battlefield Category List –

legendary level

Well, legendary fruits can only be obtained through methods like awakening or evolution.

level one

Epic fruits fall under the A category, which means that the chance of getting these fruits is only 1.14%.

  • Flame = This fruit allows players to create, control and transform fire.
  • Light = Light fruit allows players to control, create and transform into light.


Dark and icy fruits are rare, so the chance of finding them is only 6.19%.

Smoke is an uncommon fruit, so you have a 16.70% chance of getting this fruit in the game.

  • Dark = Using this fruit, players can perform feats and transform into Dark.
  • It also allows players to develop black holes.
  • Ice = Using this the player can operate, manage and transform into ice.
  • Smoke = This game allows to operate, manage and change to smoke.


A bomb is a rare fruit with a 6.19% chance.
Sand and Rubber are uncommon fruits (16.70% chance).

  • Bomb = This fruit allows players to turn anything they touch into a bomb.
  • Sand = The Sand fruit allows players to create, manage and turn sand into sand whenever they want.
  • Rubber = By using this fruit, players can gain the properties of rubber.

Level d

Barrier is a common fruit, so the probability of getting this fruit is 75.25%.

  • Barrier = Barrier Fruit allows players to manipulate obstacles and grow.
  • Chop = Cutting Fruit allows players to cut their body into different pieces and gives them the power to control those pieces.


Both are legendary fruits, so the chance of getting them is only 0.14%.

  • Gravity = This allows players to control gravity.
  • Earthquake = This allows players to generate vibrations.


Q: Why aren’t my Fruit Battlegrounds codes working?

A: There are many possible culprits behind the code such as –The code has recently been completed or recently published. You have already redeemed the code. Technical problems in the application etc.

Q: What are the chances of getting fruit in Fruit Battleground?

  • These are opportunities
  • Popular Fruits = 0.14%
  • Epic Fruit = 1.14%
  • Rare Fruits = 6.19%
  • Unusual fruits = 16.70%
  • Normal fruit = 75.75%


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Written by Patna Motihari

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