Enya Umanzor Parents

The article fully explains the details of famous and trending personality Enya Umanzor and also lets people know Enya Umanzor Parents.

Do you know how eager people are to post videos on social media like YouTube and Instagram? ? Are you curious to know the most trending videos on YouTube? Do you watch videos of the most famous YouTuber Enya? People will be curious to know the details of famous people.

Enya Umanzor videos are becoming more and more popular in the United States and other countries. Find out more about Enya Umanzor’s parents below.

Who is Enya Umanzor?

Currently an Instagram and YouTube sensation, Enya Umanzor is an American. Known for her YouTube channel where she posts fashion and beauty blogs, Enya is making a splash. Throughout this article, people get information about Enya Umanzor, husband’s name, ethnicity, net worth, height and weight, current affairs, parental career, age and family parental life. Her YouTube channel features “My Best Friend Buying Million Dollar Outfits” and “Eczema-Inspired Makeup!” There are videos above. People are eager to know more data about Enya and get the following content.

Who is the mother of Enya Umanzor?

Details about Anya Umanzor’s father and mother have not been released yet. Still, a look at her set reveals that she is of mixed race. His father and mother are from Honduras and Ireland respectively. However, she does not share their names. She also has four siblings named Leo, Sophia, Natalie and Donta. All her siblings grew up in Miami, Florida. He has been enthusiastic on stage since 2013. She shares more videos on her channel and the article mentions more details about the content posted on YouTube.

Enya Umanzor added some more details of the family

Moreover, when she was six years old, Enya Umanzor’s parents – her mother allegedly left home and never returned. She informed people of her mother’s death in 2018. Unlike other family members, she does not usually share their images on her account. On her YouTube videos, she rarely mentions her family members. He is best known for his videos such as “The First Day of the Vogue of the Year” and “TAY K Dis Track – Drew Phillips / ENYUH / Yung Gunk”. Of the videos, the beauty guru’s official clip explains that some of her friends have garnered more than 2 million views. We’ve summarized all the details about Enya Umanzor’s parents above.

The name of the channel

She has a YouTube channel called “Enjajaa” where she posts makeup, fashion and beauty products. In addition, she posts personal vlogs on occasion.


According to the survey, Anna is a notable person in the community and she launched YouTube on May 24. And to date, it has about 1 million members and has some video trends. Enya Umanzor is one of the influencers on social media.


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