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What is Ehalamj.MN App Tatah ?

Citizens, have you registered your account in the Unified Social Assistance System at

If you have not already done so, you can apply online for welfare services in the following 4 ways.

  • Register your account online at and apply
  • Submit a request using the Ebarimt mobile app
  • Making a request through a “Kiosk Machine” which is a Government Electronic Service Machine
  • Citizens who cannot submit their welfare application online can apply in person at their district or commission.
  • While applying electronically, you need to open a commercial bank account in your name. Thus, it is possible to register your account and receive social assistance payments directly into your account regardless of the bank.

Criteria: Ehalamj.MN App

  • Age regulation
  • Allowance for pregnant women
  • Allowance for childcare from 0-3 years
  • Dual family allowances
  • Allowance for single mothers and fathers
  • Star Mother Allowance can be availed through electronic system.
  • Integrated Social Protection System aims to electronically transfer social protection services provided by the government to citizens and serve them promptly and without delay.

More About Ehalamj.MN App

Family allowances are linked to the electronic social assistance system.

As a result, from today, 25 May 2021, it is possible to apply for child benefit online.

For this, citizens must register their child benefits through the Ehlamz system.

In this regard, Labor and Social Security Minister A Arunjaya said: “Citizens who cannot apply for social assistance using the electronic system have the opportunity to apply in person at their districts or committees.” . The possibility of

In such a situation social workers or district committee have laid down the conditions to provide services without taking the information of citizens from the database of government agencies on paper. A total of 11 types of social services will be provided through the electronic system.

“Five types of special allowances will be transferred online from June 2021,” he said.

Specification: Ehalamj.MN App

  1. Citizens aged 18 to 24 who became orphans before the age of 18,
  2. A citizen whose house is no longer habitable,
  3. The citizen was released from prison
  4. Allowances for lonely homeless people,
  5. Contingency Allowance will be introduced in Ahlamaj system.
  6. A total of 21 services will go live this year, adding 10 types of services such as care benefits, discounts and assistance for the elderly and disabled.

Citizens can apply for social welfare services using the website, public service electronic machine “kiosk”, ebarimt application and Mongolia.

“In future, all social welfare services will be gradually transferred to electronic format,” he said.


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