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This news article will share details about Downloads Truth Social app and discuss about downloading Truth Social.

Did you know that Truth Social is a social application? Do you know who started this app and how many downloads? People have many questions about this application.

Former US President Donald Trump has launched the Trust social application. Given that the launch took place a few months ago, it is important to know how many have been downloaded and how many have arrived. So, in this article we will study Downloads Truth Social.

How many people downloaded the Truth Social app?

Former President of the United States Donald Trump launched the Truth social application as a social media portal. According to a recent report, Social Truth app tops the rankings, followed by Twitter.

Most people have downloaded the Truth Social app on the iPhone. According to reports, Truth Social App was ranked 52nd from Monday and Twitter was ranked 39th. But as soon as Tesla overtook Twitter, people started downloading the social truth app and it came in at number one, making Twitter the second largest in the world. ,

So, to answer the question of how many downloads were made on Truth Social, it is seen that the number of downloads of this app has increased by 150% as compared to the downloads between April 18 and 25.

News that Tesla has overtaken Twitter has led to an increase in downloads, and as a result, people are beginning to embrace the Twitter option as a social truth app launched by former US President Donald Trump.

As a result, the number of users of Truth Social App has increased rapidly. We can see some changes due to Tesla’s Twitter decision; Some people think that real social app is more reliable and downloads may increase.

How many downloads are there in Truth Social World?

According to the report, we can see that as soon as Tesla announced its exit from Twitter, people changed their minds from Twitter to the Truth social app. The app was ranked 52nd globally when former US President Donald Trump launched it against his political rival.

But as circumstances changed after Tesla’s announcement, it became the top holder of the rankings and is the most downloaded app on the iPhone. Therefore, its changes can be found in the rankings and it should also be noted that Twitter has become the second holder of the rankings.

How important is the Truth Social app according to Download Truth Social?

Truth Social Application is a social media portal just like any other social media portal. There is not much difference between these apps and there are many similarities between these apps.


Truth Social Application is a social media portal launched by former US President Donald Trump. It was against their rival political party, so it was limited to a few people.


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But as Twitter came under Tesla’s control, downloads Truth Social grew and became number one. What social media portals do you use? Mention it in the comments section below.

Written by Prince Rai

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