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Do you also play A Universal Time (AUT)? Are you also waiting for the latest update of the game? With the latest update, players from Brazil and the United States are in search of their favorite characters.

But did you know that Dios is a bone in world time? If you don’t know about this, we are here to help you through this article. Dio is resistant to most damage, and Dio’s bone will help you move forward and do more. So let’s start and continue the discussion of Dio Bone a Universal Time.

What is A Universal Time (AUT)?

A universal time anime “Jojo’s Fantastic Adventure” is an adventure-based game about the manga sequel and many other anime and games in Roblox! Other popular shows and games are Undertail, X! Tails, Dragon Ball, etc. It was originally launched in 2018 and is being rolled out worldwide for updates. Auto is a trading and grinding simulator as well as a PvP simulator. To attract players and keep players interested, the game has launched a major update. The latest update was released on August 30, 2021

Who is Dio and how is Dio Bone a Universal Time Assistant?

Dio is the main fighter in Jojo’s fantastic adventure. Dio is also the first boss in AUT. He is a very aggressive passive vampire and can cope with most forms of damage to health in about half a minute. In addition to being the boss to fight, DIOs are better bosses for better farming practices. Not only does it cost money, but it also leaves Dio the Dragon Ball, Dio’s diary, which you can sell for cash. Once knocked out or beaten, he makes a lot of money.

Some More Facts on Dio Bone Aut

Dio Bone, a Universal Time is a thing that has a 16% chance of DIO falling from the sky. After receiving the DIO keyboard, you will be sent to receive the Jotaro disk. Dios Bone enables you to raise your level to 10 or develop a Whitesnake into a sea-moon in seconds. You will then have to reach the gravitational displacement of your sea moon at the end of the station. Once you reach the mountain, you should have Diona’s bones on your list. You can use it to go to heaven.

How do you feel about Dio Bone Universal Time?

You can get the bones of a DIO by beating the DIO born every 30 minutes. There is a very rare chance that Dio will leave the bones, i.e. if he beats Dio there is a 1/10 chance of falling into Dio’s bones. There is a special glow around it. In addition, there are three uses you will need

  • The moon evolves as we argue
  • Meet your sub-specs like Rock Human, Vampire, etc.
  • Use it to level up to 10 immediately.


  • This plays Megalovania from Undertale when spawned.
  • This item used to have no blue outline but it was remodeled to have a blue outline.
  • The Bone is from Undertale.

How to Obtain the Item?

You can earn Dio’s Bone by defeating DIO, which has a drop chance of 1/10. The spawns are undertaken every 30 minutes. However, upon receiving Dio Bone Aut, it has three uses: to evolve the White snake, upgrade to level 10, and reset the specs.

However, it grants only 5% worthiness but can be increased to 10% after obtaining a Double worth Game pass.

Dio’s Bone
GrantsUsed to gain Made in Heaven or World of Heaven. Evolves White snake.
Spawn rate1/10 drop chance.

Review of Audience

Undoubtedly, the latest update for the game Universal Time includes a lot of characters and updates. But if you like Dio Bone Universal Time it’s not worth playing. As we saw above, Diona’s bones can keep you balanced in the game. We hope you find Dio Bone soon and enjoy the games as well.


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