digitaloneindia is fake or real

Today, we’ll take a look at an online Data Entry website called DigitalOneIndia and see if digitaloneindia is fake or real.

In the past few years, Digitaloneindia Make Money Online Data Entry Captcha Entry Working Real Or Fake has become an essential part of the Digital One India Workplace Operations Earn Money Online. Data Entry Captcha Entry Work From Home Real or Fake help businesses become more efficient, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their products and services.

What is DigitalOneIndia.Com?

You may hear or see ads on behalf of online data entry job sites. DigitalOneIndia This is a site that claims anyone can make money on their input. Here we are not talking about their services. But we still analyze that legit or fake.

Why is digitaloneindia fake?

Digital One India is a job site that claims to offer 100% real jobs without any eligibility requirements. This website attempts to identify itself as an ally to the Government of India using similar colors and terminology, such as: B. India Digital Initiative and Make in India. However, there is no relationship between Digital One India and the Government of India.

Overall, the website design is very simple and tries to mimic the Indian government portal. The content is poorly written because it is full of mistakes.

A search of the domain name on the website shows it was registered on March 24, 2019. The name of the registrant is unknown as it has been suspended for privacy reasons. Although the domain was registered in 2019, the website claims that the company has been operating for 4 years. This is clearly wrong.

There is no contact information on the website. No mention of payment was made, however, several reviewers on MouthShut, Consumer Complaints, and ScamAdvisor reported that they were scammed and paid for the package by a man named Rajendra.

Digitalonindia Scam or not?

Obviously Digital One India is a scam. As we have seen in other fake entry scams on this blog, Digital One India requires payment to purchase packages and disappears once payment is received.

The website attempts to pretend to be a government support portal. after asking for money Contact details are not provided and payment is not mentioned. They are clearly lying that they have been working for more than 4 years when they created the website in 2019. Employer identification is provided. But it seems to be a fake. Reviews are yet another proof that Digital One India is a scam.

digitaloneindia fake or real

DigitalOneIndia is a fake site, we advise our readers not to use it.

This rating is based on ratings and reviews from various online forums and websites, low ratings on Scamadviser, thousands of bad reviews, etc. is only 1 year old as of June 2020.

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Written by Patna Motihari

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