Curiosity Stream Tv Scam

Do you like watching documentaries? Are you a science and nature lover? Again, there is a wide range of options available online. However, they have not yet specified content like Curiosity Stream Tv Scam to their customers. They claim to provide you with the best content.

Curiosity Stream TV offers a variety of shows like no other. You can find well-researched and scientifically proven documentaries here. This can be the best way to develop your children’s minds. However, is it legal? Most people complained about their services. We bring you Curiosity Stream TV reviews to determine their validity.

We will shed some light on the description and customer reviews. We will end by listing all its pros and cons.

About Curiosity Stream Tv

Curiosity Stream TV is a specialty show that broadcasts documentaries on topics such as history, science, psychology, and the natural world. This information should be updated regularly in other applications. Finding something online usually takes a lot of work. But Curiosity Stream TV only updates all the information. It also provides you with honest information.

Curiosity Stream TV was launched in 2015 by the owner of Discover Channel. There are more documentaries available on it. They also don’t show annoying ads that usually annoy users. So it is a great way to get the latest information and keep yourself updated.

How to use Curiosity Stream TV?

Using Curiosity Stream TV is easy. You need to follow the below steps.

  • First, visit the web page using a recognized internet service.
  • Then click “Sign Up” to select a subscription plan.
  • You can also select “Connection” and select an approved Internet Service Provider.
  • This will give you a free subscription.
  • Next, enter your information and password to create an account.
  • Now you have access to it and can use it whenever you want.

Curiosity Stream TV Subscription Plan

Curiosity Stream TV offers a variety of subscription plans that you can choose from. You can choose from the following suitable packages.

  • Standard Magazine ($2.99 ​​per month)
  • Monthly Premium 4K ($9.99 per month)
  • Annual Standard HD ($19.99 per year)
  • Annual Premium 4K ($69.99 per year)

Materials available

You can watch documentaries on science, history, nature, children, technology, lifestyle and society. These topics are further divided into ten subcategories that contain the most content.

Is Curiosity Stream TV better than Netflix?

These apps are largely non-competitive. There is no comparison between them. Netflix brings you biographies of current people with social and political commentary. This TV content is full of documentaries.

Curiosity Stream TV, on the other hand, offers science and nature to help you learn. Thus, these two cover each other without running.

Length of documentaries

Each documentary follows the season with other episodes. His long documentaries run for an hour. Also, the smaller ones usually take 15-20 minutes.

Gift card

You can also choose a gift card. You will be delivered wherever you want. However, the charges are higher than the standard plan. You must agree to the terms of the gift card before using it.

Refund Policy

According to previous users, there should be a proper return policy. You will still be charged after canceling your subscription. Most users are charged again without notice.


  1. They cover a wide range of topics for documentaries.
  2. You can choose any plan.
  3. You can register easily.


  1. There is no return policy.
  2. They have very poor customer service.
  3. Their content is generally weak.
  4. Content growth is slow.


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Written by Prince Rai

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